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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

I woke up different

I woke up one morning and had lost my vision in my right eye. The next day I noticed my right foot was very cold feeling and numb. The next day my whole right side of my body including my face was numb and my right foot was so painful, cold, and numb all at the same time (it was unbearable) I would put a heating pad on my foot to try to warm it up, but I would be so numb it would burn me and I could not feel it and burn my skin. After a few days I could only lay around and had no energy. I went to my PCP who right away sent me to a neurologist and told me I had MS. After an MRI and spinal tap this was confirmed. It took about a month for my vision to return and the numbness to improve. My right side is still affected and never returned to normal. I feel like I have electrical shocks going down my right leg, extreme fatigue, foggy brain, and pain. A lot of the time I feel like I am walking against the current in the water. The heat really gets to me and makes me feel horrible
—Guest Tracydl

Ms or cancer

Please try oxygen, add tumeric daily to your diet, no sugar. Look into montel williams, on internet
—Guest Pam

Lyme light

Just about everything I am reading here says Lyme. Or rather long term untreated Lyme. Visit Lyme forums and do a bit of research before accepting any diagnosis of MS.
—Guest Lyme Light


I have read all of the posts here, and as someone who has had ms for over 30 years, I know the symptoms pretty well. I have had four angioplasties for Chronic Cerebrospinal Vascular Insufficiency (CCSVI), and am aware of the symptoms leading up to it, and the feeling after. CCSVI is lack of oxygen in the brain, causing hypoxia. I classically get very short of breath, as blood is not getting to the lungs to deliver oxygen to them. Dizziness, clumsiness, distorted vision, coldness, discolouration of fingers, vertigo, numbness, headaches, incontinence, sore lower back, numb lips, headaches, stiffness, impaired memory, gross fatigue, gagging on food & drink, speech problems etc etc, are ALL signs of CCSVI, and GO away after the blockages from your jugular & azygous veins are ballooned to clear them. It is sheer relief, and like a whole new life. If stents were available for jugular veins, the procedure would not have to be repeated.
—Guest Tracker


i have had 7 months of complete melt down. i went from a normal working 35 year old to a complete mess of a 36 year old. my symptons include back spasms that feel like i am being shock, numb and tingly hands and feet, fatigue, tmj severely, jolts that happen when i walk that go from head to toe and most recently muscle aches from hell. also have eye twitches. tremors, weekness. have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but i am thinking it is ms. going through my second round on bloodtest. have having week to two week flare ups every month...depression is starting to sink in. i understand all the pain you are all feeling, but we can fight and find the best remedy for ourselves. if one dr is helping get another one. you have to find one who cares or else you will never have good days.
—Guest jodie

Still Waiting after a year

A year ago I started having numbness and pain on the lt side of my face. When the pain got so bad I was taken off work. Shortly after that my lt eye stopped working all the time, my lt arm and leg went numb and heavey. I have had 2 MRI's already and still nothing. Now on good days I can use my hands but most days I have a lot of trouble with that, I walk with a cane, suffer from my head wanting to excplode, forget more than I remember and everyday I have new things happening. 3 days ago I was standing outside in the sun with my gf's and ended up in one of thier arms while the other 2 asked what the #$@ was going on. There was a pain on the rt side of my neck that felt like electric shock, it ran all the way down the rt side of my body into my arm, hand, leg and foot. I was told my eyes rolled back into my head and I started to fall. I am very frustrated, I have seen at least 10 Dr's already and just want to know how to live with what I have. Thanks maybe this will help someone else
—Guest Michelle

Please help Me

My name is AnaMarie and 3 years ago i had a scan on my back and was diagnosed with degenarating bones. I have had two M.R.I scans which the first one a full body showed lesions on my brain which the Doctors said was okay for my age I was 38 then, I am now 41 and suffering really bad with numbness,tingling,loss of the use of my left leg and i have multiple spasms in both legs, left arm numb and muscle spasms that hurt like hell. I see my GP every couple of weeks and when I last saw him I was sent for a MRI scan on my neck. The scan showed that I had six vertebra out of place that was twisted and compressing a nerve. I have a lot of the simptums that are MS like i have severe head acks,blurred vison my skin is very itchy and i see bright lights like dots. I think that there maybe more going on then just the degeneration of my bones and I am now sleeping down stairs as im unable to get up stairs because my legs are so weak and left leg not working at all Do I have MS plz help me

I can't stop itching

The last couple of days I have been itching constantly. I saw this and have a history of ms in my family. My grandfather had and my uncle has it (his son). Should I be worried?
—Guest Brett Robinson

positive mri, negative nuerologist

Four years ago I my Dr ordered a mri because I had symptoms of immune problems. The test showed lesions so he referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist ran a few tests including a spinal tab. Each one came out neg. Since then I have had an increase in intensity and occurrence as well as new symptoms. The old symptoms include severe headaches, fatigue, eye pain, blurry vision, weakness in arms and legs, dipping things, loosing my balance, inability to get a good breath with the feeling of breathing through cotton, tightness in chest, numbness on right side of face, tingling and somtimes numbness in fingers, inability to put into words what I am thinking or trying to say, baaaadd memory, hard to swallow food, liquids, and meds easily, elastic bladder that takes forever to start and empty and I can't tell if I begun to urinate unless I hear it or look,muffled hearing,stabbing pain in ears, nauseatting dizziness,and very restless arms & legs. Whew!Help!I still suspect ms.
—Guest kathy

started with work accident

I was working at a coal refining plant. One day I was squirted in the eye with an unknown water substance. Next I woke up with blurry vision in that eye. After tests it was found to be optic neuritis. I got a 2nd opinion from a optic neurologist and same dx. They both told me I was at risk of developing MS but I was skeptical because of the accident. 5 years later I was under a lot of stress renovating a house, work and having a sinus infection. I woke up with a partially numb tongue and mouth, foggy head, and heavy feeling legs. After an MRI they found 10 lesions. The numbness went away but my legs still feel wonky. So far, it is a mild case of MS but that could change. I am a 49 yr old electrician but have to retrain. I am afraid the heat from work or an accident trauma could cause permanent flare ups. Funny how life can change completely one day from another.

Just wondering....

I had a worse than massive migraine after feeling nauseas and throwing up my head was in pain all over throbbing painfully I couldnt stand the pain :( After this episode I have now began losing control it begins in my head then my right knee loses feeling, begings to twich and I fall to the ground. This lasts for only a minute tghen I stand and am ok till the next unknown bout hits me :( Any ideas as to what this is???? Thanks for reading

Awaiting Dr appointment

I am 25 year old female and my Aunt had very aggressive MS and passed away after only 10 years after diagnosis. Im worried now because from what I am reading I believe I might have MS. I have had a tingly, falling asleep feeling in my left arm for the past couple of days and I never connected the symptoms before but bad headaches, restless leg syndrome and heart palpatations. My vision has been getting alittle blurry but I thought it this was all because of my desk job and me being sedatary an looking at a computer all day. Im really scared I have it and am so nervous for my appointment this Monday. I havent been able to stop crying. I just needed to tell someone because my family thinks im just being overly dramatic.

I am in complete misery

I don’t how to begin telling anyone what I have been through. I have been living in some kind of pure hell for the last 6 years now and still do not have any idea from my Doctors on what has happened to me. I now am on a feeding tube because I can no longer swallow on my own at all. I have just in this last year being 2011 (5th year) of no swallowing, and I have been suffering horrible bouts of dreaded like depression, and I am not even depressed. I just now have began to notice I have tremors in my right hand last 3 fingers move on there own, and for 4-5 days I have my legs and arms feeling completely weak and heavy. My eye site has gotten worse and I keep getting this severe stabbing pain in my left eye only and now it twitches almost all the time. On severe days I have my legs and feet feel like there being bent inwards or my toes upwards. The pain is so bad I just cry for hours and hug my pillow screaming into it. My god this is horrible pain and dreaded depression like I have

dont give up

3.5 Years of not knowing.. pain numbness depression lesions on brian and spine. cant hold my baby girl, cant put thoughts together... still no diagnosis... Someone on here said fight the fight.. do it.. we all have too much to lose..
—Guest Mom of two angels

sick of bing sick

one of the hardest things is those who us to care are sick of hearing it anymore. My family has just went on without me.and I don't have any friends left. Some will come out of nowhere and say hey lets go dancing. well I can't get to the bath room without falling into something I have been stuck upstairs in our house for almost 6 months.I have begged my spouse for someone to come in and help me get on my feet and to move to a one story home. He just says he is tired of hearing it. I have been suffering with the most horrible facial nerve pain, you just want to scream but it's to painful. I started getting autoimmune problems at 16.1st interstitial cystitis, then graves, sjoegrens,lupus to ms. more than anything the ms has taken a toll on me. I wish this facial pain would stop .I can;t take much more ,I just shake from pain ,any Idea's would be helpfull.
—Guest nonny419

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Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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