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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

I can't stop itching

The last couple of days I have been itching constantly. I saw this and have a history of ms in my family. My grandfather had and my uncle has it (his son). Should I be worried?
—Guest Brett Robinson

positive mri, negative nuerologist

Four years ago I my Dr ordered a mri because I had symptoms of immune problems. The test showed lesions so he referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist ran a few tests including a spinal tab. Each one came out neg. Since then I have had an increase in intensity and occurrence as well as new symptoms. The old symptoms include severe headaches, fatigue, eye pain, blurry vision, weakness in arms and legs, dipping things, loosing my balance, inability to get a good breath with the feeling of breathing through cotton, tightness in chest, numbness on right side of face, tingling and somtimes numbness in fingers, inability to put into words what I am thinking or trying to say, baaaadd memory, hard to swallow food, liquids, and meds easily, elastic bladder that takes forever to start and empty and I can't tell if I begun to urinate unless I hear it or look,muffled hearing,stabbing pain in ears, nauseatting dizziness,and very restless arms & legs. Whew!Help!I still suspect ms.
—Guest kathy

started with work accident

I was working at a coal refining plant. One day I was squirted in the eye with an unknown water substance. Next I woke up with blurry vision in that eye. After tests it was found to be optic neuritis. I got a 2nd opinion from a optic neurologist and same dx. They both told me I was at risk of developing MS but I was skeptical because of the accident. 5 years later I was under a lot of stress renovating a house, work and having a sinus infection. I woke up with a partially numb tongue and mouth, foggy head, and heavy feeling legs. After an MRI they found 10 lesions. The numbness went away but my legs still feel wonky. So far, it is a mild case of MS but that could change. I am a 49 yr old electrician but have to retrain. I am afraid the heat from work or an accident trauma could cause permanent flare ups. Funny how life can change completely one day from another.

Just wondering....

I had a worse than massive migraine after feeling nauseas and throwing up my head was in pain all over throbbing painfully I couldnt stand the pain :( After this episode I have now began losing control it begins in my head then my right knee loses feeling, begings to twich and I fall to the ground. This lasts for only a minute tghen I stand and am ok till the next unknown bout hits me :( Any ideas as to what this is???? Thanks for reading

Awaiting Dr appointment

I am 25 year old female and my Aunt had very aggressive MS and passed away after only 10 years after diagnosis. Im worried now because from what I am reading I believe I might have MS. I have had a tingly, falling asleep feeling in my left arm for the past couple of days and I never connected the symptoms before but bad headaches, restless leg syndrome and heart palpatations. My vision has been getting alittle blurry but I thought it this was all because of my desk job and me being sedatary an looking at a computer all day. Im really scared I have it and am so nervous for my appointment this Monday. I havent been able to stop crying. I just needed to tell someone because my family thinks im just being overly dramatic.

I am in complete misery

I don’t how to begin telling anyone what I have been through. I have been living in some kind of pure hell for the last 6 years now and still do not have any idea from my Doctors on what has happened to me. I now am on a feeding tube because I can no longer swallow on my own at all. I have just in this last year being 2011 (5th year) of no swallowing, and I have been suffering horrible bouts of dreaded like depression, and I am not even depressed. I just now have began to notice I have tremors in my right hand last 3 fingers move on there own, and for 4-5 days I have my legs and arms feeling completely weak and heavy. My eye site has gotten worse and I keep getting this severe stabbing pain in my left eye only and now it twitches almost all the time. On severe days I have my legs and feet feel like there being bent inwards or my toes upwards. The pain is so bad I just cry for hours and hug my pillow screaming into it. My god this is horrible pain and dreaded depression like I have

dont give up

3.5 Years of not knowing.. pain numbness depression lesions on brian and spine. cant hold my baby girl, cant put thoughts together... still no diagnosis... Someone on here said fight the fight.. do it.. we all have too much to lose..
—Guest Mom of two angels

sick of bing sick

one of the hardest things is those who us to care are sick of hearing it anymore. My family has just went on without me.and I don't have any friends left. Some will come out of nowhere and say hey lets go dancing. well I can't get to the bath room without falling into something I have been stuck upstairs in our house for almost 6 months.I have begged my spouse for someone to come in and help me get on my feet and to move to a one story home. He just says he is tired of hearing it. I have been suffering with the most horrible facial nerve pain, you just want to scream but it's to painful. I started getting autoimmune problems at 16.1st interstitial cystitis, then graves, sjoegrens,lupus to ms. more than anything the ms has taken a toll on me. I wish this facial pain would stop .I can;t take much more ,I just shake from pain ,any Idea's would be helpfull.
—Guest nonny419

Which Symptom Led Your MS Diagnosis

Went blind over 3 days with an incredible headache - optic neuritis after LP and MRI that was11 years ago
—Guest Sam

everything else ruled out!!!?????

I have had symptoms for the past 3 yrs including tingling, numbness, dizziness, urinary, involuntary muscle movements, intention tremor of my hands, fatigue, blurry vision, terrible itchiness, and then some.... I have had a clean MRI and spinal tap. No optic neuritis detected. The last MRI they did was o the head only, not the neck and I'm wondering if they may miss something that could be lower than the head. I am getting frustrated and I've been told I just need to learn to deal with all this. I also been told it may be stress related. I don't believe this for a minute. It's actually starting to effect my job due to the hand tremors and weakness. HELP! I am seeking a second opinion. What do you think?
—Guest Trotter

I get results in 6 days.

Whatever I have, I am in the middle of a "flare up" now. I just recently had, brain MRI and 9 blood tests. Although sadly my symptoms began in 2007. The first one that made me wonder, was on a hot day I was walking and the back of my right calf felt very wet. This would happen to me in the heat. That got my attention. However, I was already having fatigue, cognative issues, tmj and blurred vision. My flare ups tend to happen though more in the winter (I believe lack of vitamin D, which was tested as well) May also be thyroid. GP and neuro covered all blood work. BUT.. but more recent symptoms (including right now!): Tingling, pins n needles, skin burns, vision and now eye pain and twitch, joint pain, numbness, including toes, fingers, part of lip, tip of nose, urination and bowl issues, hands shake and when nervous, full on tremor. shortness of breath at times & the most recent.. I can invision something and I go to say the word and use another word. No matter what it is, I need to kno
—Guest DeirdreH

what is wrong with me

since been a young child i have been ill all the time. when i was in my school years i suffered broken bones for no reason just running would break my leg or foot. Dizzy spells,fainting and headaches a lot. as i got older i began to get severe back pain that would put me in bed for weeks as i was unable to walk due to pain. i had back sugery for a bulding disc when i was 24. that was no help i have been backwards and forwards to hospital and gp. the past year i am getting blured vision vertigo and pins and needles and numbness in my arm legs kneck and feet. Also getting cold or hot finger tips and no feeling at all sometimes, the latest worry is i have a very painfull knee with no swelling and now i am getting a lot of redhot burning in my left thigh PLEASE HELP !!!!
—Guest wendy3343


My feet were numb. For a year I chalked it up to being an IV nurse on my feet 12-14 hours a day.I also became utterly heat intolerant. Last but not least had the flu and never really bounced back. Went to my GP. Failed the Romberg test (balance). MRI and spinal tap confirmed MS. On meds within 2 weeks. Don't ignore symptoms.

New symptoms..

I was diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 32 with RRMS..I have lived a pretty full life since then only having 2 major relapses until recently. I get an infusion once a month of Tysabri and it has always kept my condition in remission. As of July I have chronic arthritis that comes out when my body is at rest. After work when I sit down or lay down my whole body stiffens up and I am unable to close my hands..my joints ache and I am no longer sleeping. I take 800 mg Motrin at bedtime with a muscle relaxer and it doesnt help at all. I just had 19 tubes of blood drawn and my MRI. Waiting to see what else I have. I have always been a positive person, but this depresses me. I am almost 39 and am a single mom of two young girls, and I feel like I am becoming disabled. Everyone who suffers I know how hard it is..we just have to remember that relapses and new symptoms are scary and it sucks when you are in the middle of them..but maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel..
—Guest sarah


I am 39 and have been dealing with multiple symptoms off and on for many years. I have seen Drs who have done many tests but have yet to have a dx. Like I said the symptoms come and go. I can go for a month or two with basically no symptoms. My symptoms range from low back/hip pain that radiates down my legs, muscle spasms, heat sensations down my legs. My left big toe has been numb for months and has not gone away. I have headaches (bad). I get dizzy which leds, not always but a lot, to passing out. Before passing out i get blurry vision, ringing in ears, numbness in hands and arms. Cold fingers and lately by balance is off. I am running into things at work and home. My dr knows all except for the new balance and toe numbness problem. He has never mentioned MS. Im at a point were I want to give up trying with drs and just deal with it. A friend has been discussing ms with me. Is it a possibility?????

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