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Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Overview

Symptom Puzzle

Multiple sclerosis has more symptoms associated with it than any other disease - over 80 different ways that your body can malfunction or feel weird. Understandably, people are often confused if something is related to their MS or not. I'll give you an overview in this article, as well as some articles on some other surprising symptoms of MS. Have a look and see if some of the strange things that you feel are actually part of your MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Spotlight10

Advances in Using Stem Cells as a Treatment for MS

Progress is being made in the area of stem cell treatment of different types of multiple sclerosis.

How Do Relapses Impact Disability?

Although it is difficult to predict how multiple sclerosis will progress in any individual patient, early relapses indicate a greater likelihood to progress to secondary progressive MS.

Effect of Age on Multiple Sclerosis Prognosis

While multiple sclerosis prognosis is very difficult on an individual basis, some research is showing that it may be that people who are diagnosed with MS at a younger age take longer to accumulate disability, but still become disabled at younger age than those diagnosed later in life.

Determining who is a "non-responder" to MS drugs early in the game

Those of us on therapy for MS can be on it for years without really knowing if it is helping or not. Research is showing that there are ways to determine if a certain therapy is right for us earlier in the course of treatment.

When Do You Tell Strangers That You Have MS?

Deciding when to tell people that you have MS is a personal decision and every situation is different. Go with what feels right after weighing the pros and cons of your disclosure.

Talking About Multiple Sclerosis with Little Kids

Every family affected by multiple sclerosis must make the decision on when and how to share the facts of the disease with the children. I believe the best that anyone can do is talk to children about serious issues calmly and with love.

How does my MS impact my kids? (Part 2)

There are many families in which one of the parents is affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Learn about the affects of MS on children and how to avoid some of the problems.

How does my MS impact my kids? (Part 1)

There are many families in which one of the parents is affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Learn how children can be affected by MS in the family and some tips to help.

Driving and Multiple Sclerosis

Many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) give up driving, due to symptoms like cognitive dysfunction, spasticity or sensory symptoms that make it difficult to drive. Some people have been able to learn to drive again safely with therapy.

The MS Symptoms That Come and Go

I'm writing to remind you that as things start to heat up, you may experience more paroxysmal symptoms. These are those lovely MS symptoms that appear and make

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