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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008


i think there is a good possibility that it could be anxiety disorder i thought it was ms too because alot of people in my family have it but turns out it was anxiety disorder
—Guest chris

worried i might have ms

Im worried i might have MS.Over the past 2 years ive been getting strange symptoms which are gradually getting worse.Muscle and joint pain,vertigo,days where im so tired i cant lift my head,heart papitations,twitching in diferent parts of body,numbness sensation especially in my facial area,burning sensations on my legs.Ive not told anyone and tried to just get on with it but its really starting to worry me.im english but live in portugal and the doctors here are not the best.what should i do?thanks
—Guest taz 1972


Oh my...I read what ya all are going thru and I think My god that sounds like me. I was always led to believe that MS makes you into a freak in a wheelchair, drooling, etc. And I say No that's not me. My nerve pains are random and throb anywhere at anytime and sometimes quite hard in one place and then I get a bruise. Doctors liked to give me perocets and top of the flexerils, tramadol (I take those everyday), I think one would have given me oxyies if I had asked. But no one until here in NC have tried to find out why I have pains. VA gives drugs.
—Guest Debbie

Don't know what it is

I have been experiencing total body numbness/at times, other but most times my body feels weak ( like when your leg falls alssep and you try to walk on it but it's too weak) I feel that all over my body. I can walk and dO daily things but becomes hard. At night I experience tingly/numbness/pins and needles. Sometimes every where, just in the left or right arm. Last night it was my R side of the body. I've never experienced being not able to move. I've been to the doctor she's puzzled. I have an apt with a nuro that I seen last year for being off balance. But that went away. A little frightened. Does anyone know what this could be ? My Doctor is ordering an MRI for me.
—Guest Courtney

Undiagnosed but all symptoms

After many years of Dr. visits, hospitalizations, & pure misery to function in daily life, I believe my neuro needs to be informed of ALL my symptoms through the years & I need to just be honest & not feel like a hypochondriac. Am really interested in the correlation of travel or flying having a severe impact on my symptoms. I used to travel on business & pleasure frequently. The last years have become a nightmare when I'm forced to travel. I have no fear of flying, but require wheelchair assistance at all airports. I become extremely fatigued after a flight no matter the distance. Even keeping my legs elevated & taking diuretics does not prevent extreme swelling in my limbs. I am so short of breath I end up staying in the hotel 90% of the time also due to fatigue that doesn't go away. I'm 45 & am missing out on my family everyday. Does anyone else experience the swelling & 24/7 fatigue after traveling? Even after returning home it takes weeks to recover. Can u advise??
—Guest Wendy


i have been having joint pain for over 2 years now. i have been told i haveand arthritis in my one knee but cannot stand on either for long if i sit or stand my feet ache some days i could dye for sleep
—Guest lynn

guest Peter

I was a football referee and half an hour in to a match I began to stumble with a weakness in my left leg.Doctor sent me to see neuro and after 18months was diagnosed with primarry ms.Am taking 5000iu vitamin d3 and 10ml hemp oil per day. Seems to improve walking.
—Guest Peter

mri refused because of age 54

I have tremors in arms, had dead weight legs which wouldn't lift over a step,cold feeling rushing up through my legs to chest, pins needles, memory was bad, numbness in face, blurry eye,walking funny, very difficult to turn over in bed due to body being dead weight, iching all over especially head,stiff neck, swallowing,jelly legs, fatigue, sometimes have that water sensation on body parts, stagger, hot spots, numb body parts, all symtons subsided apart from pins needles stabbing pains numbness in face and tremor. Went to see Neuro more or less only tested reflexes Mri wasn't offered so I asked for one and told because of my age there would be no point as there would be marks gathered over the years and would be hard to tell apart. Should I still push for an Mri
—Guest Kathleen

I woke up different

I woke up one morning and had lost my vision in my right eye. The next day I noticed my right foot was very cold feeling and numb. The next day my whole right side of my body including my face was numb and my right foot was so painful, cold, and numb all at the same time (it was unbearable) I would put a heating pad on my foot to try to warm it up, but I would be so numb it would burn me and I could not feel it and burn my skin. After a few days I could only lay around and had no energy. I went to my PCP who right away sent me to a neurologist and told me I had MS. After an MRI and spinal tap this was confirmed. It took about a month for my vision to return and the numbness to improve. My right side is still affected and never returned to normal. I feel like I have electrical shocks going down my right leg, extreme fatigue, foggy brain, and pain. A lot of the time I feel like I am walking against the current in the water. The heat really gets to me and makes me feel horrible
—Guest Tracydl

Ms or cancer

Please try oxygen, add tumeric daily to your diet, no sugar. Look into montel williams, on internet
—Guest Pam

Lyme light

Just about everything I am reading here says Lyme. Or rather long term untreated Lyme. Visit Lyme forums and do a bit of research before accepting any diagnosis of MS.
—Guest Lyme Light


I have read all of the posts here, and as someone who has had ms for over 30 years, I know the symptoms pretty well. I have had four angioplasties for Chronic Cerebrospinal Vascular Insufficiency (CCSVI), and am aware of the symptoms leading up to it, and the feeling after. CCSVI is lack of oxygen in the brain, causing hypoxia. I classically get very short of breath, as blood is not getting to the lungs to deliver oxygen to them. Dizziness, clumsiness, distorted vision, coldness, discolouration of fingers, vertigo, numbness, headaches, incontinence, sore lower back, numb lips, headaches, stiffness, impaired memory, gross fatigue, gagging on food & drink, speech problems etc etc, are ALL signs of CCSVI, and GO away after the blockages from your jugular & azygous veins are ballooned to clear them. It is sheer relief, and like a whole new life. If stents were available for jugular veins, the procedure would not have to be repeated.
—Guest Tracker


i have had 7 months of complete melt down. i went from a normal working 35 year old to a complete mess of a 36 year old. my symptons include back spasms that feel like i am being shock, numb and tingly hands and feet, fatigue, tmj severely, jolts that happen when i walk that go from head to toe and most recently muscle aches from hell. also have eye twitches. tremors, weekness. have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but i am thinking it is ms. going through my second round on bloodtest. have having week to two week flare ups every month...depression is starting to sink in. i understand all the pain you are all feeling, but we can fight and find the best remedy for ourselves. if one dr is helping get another one. you have to find one who cares or else you will never have good days.
—Guest jodie

Still Waiting after a year

A year ago I started having numbness and pain on the lt side of my face. When the pain got so bad I was taken off work. Shortly after that my lt eye stopped working all the time, my lt arm and leg went numb and heavey. I have had 2 MRI's already and still nothing. Now on good days I can use my hands but most days I have a lot of trouble with that, I walk with a cane, suffer from my head wanting to excplode, forget more than I remember and everyday I have new things happening. 3 days ago I was standing outside in the sun with my gf's and ended up in one of thier arms while the other 2 asked what the #$@ was going on. There was a pain on the rt side of my neck that felt like electric shock, it ran all the way down the rt side of my body into my arm, hand, leg and foot. I was told my eyes rolled back into my head and I started to fall. I am very frustrated, I have seen at least 10 Dr's already and just want to know how to live with what I have. Thanks maybe this will help someone else
—Guest Michelle

Please help Me

My name is AnaMarie and 3 years ago i had a scan on my back and was diagnosed with degenarating bones. I have had two M.R.I scans which the first one a full body showed lesions on my brain which the Doctors said was okay for my age I was 38 then, I am now 41 and suffering really bad with numbness,tingling,loss of the use of my left leg and i have multiple spasms in both legs, left arm numb and muscle spasms that hurt like hell. I see my GP every couple of weeks and when I last saw him I was sent for a MRI scan on my neck. The scan showed that I had six vertebra out of place that was twisted and compressing a nerve. I have a lot of the simptums that are MS like i have severe head acks,blurred vison my skin is very itchy and i see bright lights like dots. I think that there maybe more going on then just the degeneration of my bones and I am now sleeping down stairs as im unable to get up stairs because my legs are so weak and left leg not working at all Do I have MS plz help me

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