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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008


i have never had an MRI but will request one! I have had strange vague symptons for 30 years/ I am now 67, I finally diganosed my self with fibromlgia, my dr. agreed but i had no testing Now I find I am having a lot of tingling especially in my leg. sometime I get shooting hot pAINS IN MY head and although I have always been active I FIND THAT my balance is off and no longer feel safe skating. also. I like to read and my eyes are very foggy. I do wear bifocals. what do you folks think?
—Guest karen

is ms always the answer.

i have the same symtoms as most. last yr i had a full blown atytack out of nowhere. i was told auto ammune ms. i had a hystarectamy but still my eyes is stressed. the left one. i have other sytoms but so much that were does it end to realy know the cause. i think sacrum tumor but a doctor knows best. would it be better to go to a desese specialist.
—Guest tonya malone


Waiting for my neuo app. Have had numb tingling pins and needles left side on and off for over ten years. Went to chroprater who didn't help. Had burning pain in left shoulder. Headaches eye pain that don't respond to codine. Muscle twitches, spasm cramps. Major faituge, depression, memory loss can't remember phone numbers kids birthdays!!! Get majorly hot like have a fever but don't. Constipation, pain in hands and feet when over used. Hoping in a way that it is ms then I will no not going crazy. Flair up all the time but worse when stressed and numbness left side thing seems to be constant at moment. Have 3 lovely children and very understanding husband so am lucky but feel like just exsiting some days as such an effort to put on brave face that am ok.
—Guest katherine

kim j

I have had symptoms off and on for years. I have dealt with pcp's who have dx'ed me with "depression and anxiety" and one even gave me 26 ECT's because no psychotropics worked. last year, my symptoms became progressively worse ( vision changes, vertigo, heat intolerance, numbness, pain etc...) I lost 50 pounds in 6 months with no explanation, and i need a cane to walk. My pcp said " oh that's wonderful! You look so good now! I insisted on a CT scan and it showed up with infarctions and other things. Since then I've had 2 Mri's which are abnormal. PCP said-well they're normally abnormal in someone with your advanced age. huh? I'm only in my early 50's. I "I fired my pcp, and went to a neurologist last week. With all my tests in hand, he said, most likely MS. He said I do have optical neuritis and now I'm having a bunch more tests this week- VEP, LP, EEG, Blood tests (ANA was +) Wish me luck. I want to know so no longer think I'm crazy.
—Guest KIM jackson


anyone ever experience a clogged feeling in inner ear? some times paifull with pressure.i can feel or hear my pulse from my neck in my ear like a drum.this also includes ringing.im always nausiated,get sick when i eat.followed by vomiting.these are my only questions already have every other sign num,ting,ect,ect
—Guest daniel falls

How I was diagnosed

I am 59 yrs. old. Eight yrs. ago I was running on my treadmill; doing great. I started feeling this nausea in the pit of my stomach off & on and dismissed it. Then I started hyper-ventilating and found it hard to breath and at the same time my left arm and leg were going numb and I was getting chest pain and very dizzy and lightheaded. Of course it didn't occur to me to stop running. My whole chest started to squeeze and the pain was horrible. I also was having trouble seeing from my left eye. I called my friend who called an ambulance I was taken to the hospital. EKG was fine and I was to get my eyes checked? Over the course of 8 months I had a stress test and every heart test known to man. I threw away all the heart pills, I knew it wasn't my heart. Then I had a heart to heart talk with my PCP and she started digging and ordered other tests for me, suspecting what I had. The last test was the MRI of my head. She actually is more MS savvy than my Neuro. It is what it is and I'm OK.

MS diagnosis is likely to come tomorrow

I think that I have probably had MS for quite sometime. However, 3 years ago I was told that I was having occular migraines and a possible TIA after I lost nearly all vision for a few hours. Fatigue has been a challenge for me and I was told it is Fibromyalgia. Last month I noticed that I had a grey spot in my vision of my right eye. Called the primary dr who told me to see the eye dr. He said it was another occular migraine or maybe a floater although he didnt see one. Last Monday I woke up not feeling well at all and went to the primary dr. Who insisted that it was due to getting over bronchitis. I made an appt with neurologist and after about 10 minutes into the appt. I was told it is likely MS. I knew I had "lightning strikes" on my MRI (dozens in fact) but thought it was from headaches. I did 4 days of Methoprednisole infusions and will go to the neurologist in the morning for a repeat MRI and find out if I do indeed have MS... Prayers!
—Guest jodi

4 plus years undignosed

I've been having symptoms for over 4 years, having seen different doctors and numerous neorologists without a diagnosis yet. My symptoms include burning spots all over, loss of sensation in both feet & hands, severe diarrhea for months now, forgetfulness, speech problems. I also lost my sight for approx. a half hr. in left eye, just seeing a bright white light. I have 3 3mm lesions on my brain. I've had 3 MRI's without any changes yet, EMG's, EKG,EEG. I also don"t have hardly any strength, drag my right foot a lot and am dropping things at times. I'm now seeing a new dr that thinks it is ms or a form of it. She scheduled me for another MRI appt then a neurologist, so I'm praying that I'll finally have an answer soon.
—Guest Brenda

lenght of time for diagnosis

i have been having problems with my feet and legs since 1994. it was in 2007 when i then got optical neuritus ( blurred vision) then in oct 2009 from my waist down i went numb. It was pretty frightening but then i got to see a neurologist and after 2 mri scan i got the words M S to be honest what a relief! at least now i knew i was right thinking something was wrong but why are we not taken seriously when we go to the dr's with the problems, only to be fobbed off all the time.

ms need help

i was told in september 2010 that i have ms i started with rebef now going to copaxone done ok but have double vision and have had that since september for the past two weeks i have had numbness on right side terrible headaches dont know what to do cant see cant work deep depression .
—Guest michelle


At age 38 I began having pain in my neck and the arches of my feet. I went to my GP and he diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. I'm 45 now and still have pain all over my body with dizziness that lasted a full week. I have been hospitalized with weird symptoms. Now I tingle all over my body and have muscle spasms, also have had double and blurrred vision. I was taking a hot bath the other night and my left toes curled under my foot and the big toe was sticking straight up. This scared the heck out of me. I have waves of tingling down the left side of my body sometimes.Left side of face tingles. Had excruciating stabbing pains in my scalp. I don't have any insurance right now to go back to a doctor to have any more tests done, I'm still looking for a job, I was layed off from my last job. These symptoms are driving me nuts, sometimes I can't sleep because of the tingling. Wish I knew what was going on.

sharing how i learned i had MS

After having a cat scan, my doctor said she wanted to see a MRI on my brain, then my new neorologist wanted not only an MRI on my neck but also a spinal tap!! Ok, that scared me to death! My nerologist then said that all the tests i had had done resulted my diagnosis of MS! I'm a wife, mother and just turned 46! I just don't have time for MS! Ahh! God bless all of us going through the many stages of MS! My prayers are for everyone out there! God bless, Christine Shelton
—Guest Christine Shelton


I relate to pretty much all of you on here. I spent 6 wks in psychiatric ward resting and being told to continue to explore whats wrong with local Dr, he referred to Rheumo and thay have referred to Neuro. Everything fits going back to age 14 been treated for various symptoms. Stll waiting for neuro.... I have genetic history, Mum, Nan, Gt Gran.... I have many of symptoms loss count of when how if and when again.. this ilness is so umpredictable. I just want say however crappy it maybe for you right now, I am wishing you inner peace. I have been accused of being an hypochondriac, I am misunderstood, I am affected with cognitive difficulties and some people have backed away.... I keep feeling like I have to explain stuff all the time, being treated like I am being silly. I have had to find out who my friends are, so painful the emotional journey, yet we learn to be chirpy. Driving me round bend. Husband scared &confused.. dont like seeing me so ill :C
—Guest Dory

Transverse Myelitis

I was an Emergency Room Technician. An EMT. A Phlebotomist. I had the world by the balls. I was even teaching Paramedic Classes. I got married to a Fireman/Paramedic. That was the first and last time too. Stress and I'm sure adrenaline rushs don't make ms any better and I would know. My hubby and I went to a retirement party and I was dancing to the Chicken Dance. We the song ended I walked to my seat and HAD TO SIT. My legs felt like I just ran a mile in 2 min. After the party we went to a comedy club. This was in the friday evening before my non-working weekend. Throughout the nite my legs felt weaker and goofier. Saturday I woke up and both my legs felt like they were fallin asleep. Was gettin worse. Sunday even worse. Monday came and from my belly button u could draw a line around my waist and from that line on down I COULD NOT FEEL a thing. But. I could walk. Months went by and my feeling came back. Trigeminal Neuralgia is the worst. Please email me

no diagnosis yet

I have now been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and now have to learn how to live with it
—Guest Lynn Williams

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