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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

Help, I'm freaking out!

On July 4th I woke up with what I assumed was a hive starting on my left eye. Also the back of my left leg hurt to bend it. My leg felt like a nerve was tightening every time i bent my leg. The next day the leg pain was gone. By the following Sunday, my eye was burning and itchy and then it started to peel. My face from my cheek bones and done was numb. That lasted about 3 or 4 days. Then shortly after(days), i began to feel dizzy, following the dizziness, my walking was off, then my right fingers started to feel numb, only the fingers, and now i have a constant ringing in my ears. i went to the e.r. and the doctors ran test for a stroke, but i didnt have one. the doctor at the e.r. said he best 2 guesses as to what it could be are lyme disease and MS. well i got the results from blood and its not lyme disease. im thinking about all these what-ifs and its killing me. i'm 23 years old with a 15 month old daughter and i can barely pick her up with my right hand the way it is.
—Guest Nicole

tired of not knowing

Well about 2 yrs ago i started to get some symptoms of tingling and numbness in my arms and legs. Then tremors and headaches. Now i have blurry vision, ringing and muffled hearing, stuttering, and a lot of fatigue. My neurologist took mri's and spinal tab cuz he himself is pointing the symtoms out to be ms. Negative on all. He is still doing tests cuz he still believes that theory. I wish i could find out.
—Guest teresa

head tremors

I have just undergone testing I have been experiencing issues with my body for many years. Temp sensitivities since birth(diognosed with Raynaurds , fibro and sjogrens all within the last 5 years), mygraines since 16, female problems since twenties(had uterus &cervix removed at 42), unexplained joint pain from approx late 30's. Muscle pain from 40 + on which has increased, had to have ovaries removed due to endrometriosis,mygraines continued then chained over years don't always get my usual signals now, have non stop ringing in my ears with clicking in left ear, I stumble, get fuzz balls that hit in my brain that last for seconds and leave me stumbling, disorientated(had some hit while I was driving, they made me sway in the car), usually not, spells of extreme weakness,nerve issues arms,back,feet,loss of memory,skin numbness in places, spells of skin nerves overactivity,head bobbing,speach problems.
—Guest m

What to do

26 y.o. male, my mom was dx with MS when I was 14 about. Had RLS for 3-4 years, recently my legs and arms fall asleep easily but come "back to life" after moving around a bit. Migraines come and go, skin pain is the worst. I forget things easily and my employer thinks I'm losing it. Well, maybe I am. Most recently is the light headed feeling along with balance problems (spinning) and ringing in my ears getting worse (had ringing in my ears for years). Not diagnosed, but growing up with a mom that has it, I'm pretty sure I know... Cross my fingers, maybe I'm wrong.
—Guest Mike

Weakness on my arm

I am 24 year old and ever since i had a brain injury back in 2006 i have been suffering with constant headaches, i have a lot of shooting pains on my left side of my head and constant eye twittering which was really painful so i went to see my doctor who then sent me for a head scan which come back negative. So then he sent me for a ecg . An ecg is to check ur brain i had to go preston hospital when i got my test results it came back that i was epeleptic. But a few months ago i started to have a weak arm which affected me carrying stuff and everytime i was walkin i was stumbling alot but when i woke up one morning i found that my face went on to one side went straight to the hospital and when i got there they did me me a load of test when the result came back they had said i have multiple sclerosis which shocked me at first as i also got told i was epeleptic, also i am forgetting things some one will say something to me then i forgot what they said so i have to ask them again.,
—Guest Rita

Anesthesia and MS

After an ear operation with local anesthesia in which the anesthetis by mistake placed the anesthesia inside my ear I started having tinnitus, blurry vision, nausea, vomiting, numbness, pins and needles, tingling, lack of strenght in legs and hands, problems with breathing. Pain in my ears, pins and needles in my whole body, paresthesias and a horrible pain in my whole body. I checked with the Medicine Toxicology section and they told me that all those symptoms were from toxicity with local anesthesia with amides, as it was my case. Now I can't hardly move from my bed, I was loosing strenght and movement and I was checking on the internet people with anesthesia with the same symptoms and I saw many women after delivery with epidural who also developped MS, such a friend of mine. Is toxicity which has caused my sickness in my case. I wonder if any of you also had anesthesia some time ago and now you have MS. For me no doubt MS was caused by local anesthesia malpractice.
—Guest Mercye

Still Waiting For A Diagnosis

I came home from work, and i dropped to the floor, my legs went out on me. 2 day's later i had burning in the back of my neck, it felt like a fuse going off. As the day's went by for about 3 to 4 month's my feet were going numb on me. I have had off and on 32 symptoms for about 9 1/2 months. I i'm told that i don't have MS. The main problem is my head, it hurts all the time 24/7. headaches, head pressure, dizziness, weak in both arms and legs.
—Guest Michael

sick of being sick!!!!!

Jackie35 did you ever get your b-12 levels checked?
—Guest Carol

Do I have MS? I don't know :(

Ever since 1992. My toes started drawing and pain would shoot through my leg as time went on. It would come and go and I thought it was because of working on concrete floor with thin carpet covering. So, I continued on and worked there about 2 1/2 years noticing toes and legs still cramping etc. It is now 2012 as we all know and I went into a spasm state about 3 years ago and haven't done that since. I crawled on my hands and knees in pain and body twisting up on me while simply trying to go to the bathroom. I STILL have pain and it starts cramping in my toes and feet and then toes always draw together! The ONLY thing I have found that will HELP it all go away is, using a muscle cream (flexall 454) it does work but, if I don't catch it in time and I am learning when it starts to attack and the nature of the feeling coming on....I rub the cream on and it stops it!! My eyes are starting to get worse and i get dizzy spells. It hurts so bad...I cry because there is extreme pain.
—Guest Debby

Anyone considered Lyme Disease

Hi there! I have been battling constant dizziness for 4 months, anxiety, ear pain/pressure started recently, heavy/numb arms. I had an MRI, neck MRI and xrays and all were clear. My Vitamin D is very low (21) is the only thing found. HOWEVER, I decided to pursue Lyme disease and it sounds like many of you with no diagnosis may want to consider it. Many people never even know they are bit by a tick or maybe you have and just blew it off. I was bit many times as a child and it was no big deal. You don't even have to get the common bullseye rash to have Lyme. A small percentage actual get the rash. Lyme does crazy things to your body. The testing is not accurate and most doctors don't know much about it and will blow you off. I traveled out of town to see a Lyme Literate doctor and he said he believed I had it even though my test was negative (although there was reaction on the test, it wasn't enough to be positive). Some of you sound pretty bad off so just trying give you idea

Need Help

My name is Lisa and I have been seeing a MS/neurologist for a yr in half! I have symptoms of Ms but have negative test results, the newest symptoms are headaches and twitching in right eye lid, and swaying back and forth when standing ! He says I do not have MS but still has not found anything else. I have an extreme sensitive to heat and get sick at tea my right arm becomes weak and I can not move it. I need help and I need answer.my head has got were it shakes a little sometimes I have a blind spot in left eye ! I am a 42 yr old woman a wife and mother I need to find answer and soon.thank you Lisa
—Guest Lisa Hanie




I have had prgresive neurological poblems for the past 3 years had all the test had all the symptoms of ms in i am now having problems with right eye does this sound fermiliar going to see consultant?
—Guest Suzi

Pain in my legs and arms and tiredness

I have always pains in my legs, arms and shoulders. And always feeling tired. My GP did all the blood test but those were normal. Its two months now. The pain first started in my legs and after one months in my arms and gradually makes my all body tired. Sometimes I am feeling chills. Please assist me.
—Guest geeta


for 10 days I suffered numbness in the face, it traveled to my lips and eventually to my tongue, the whole right side of my face was swollen, I went to a&e and after a few questions was diagnosed as having a migraine...they said it does not always come with the pain in the head but shows up other ways. Now a few weeks later and I have no control over my left foot, I cant walk properly, my mind is trying to tell my foot to move and it just wont respond, i can move my leg but as soon as I try to move my foot i can feel my muscles being tested but it just wont move it. I honestly do not think it was a migraine that had half of my face tongue lips etc numb and with no feeling and I do not think it is a migraine that is stopping me from using my foot? help please
—Guest franmac 29

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Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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