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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008


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what is this?

Not sure what to do. Partner of 14 years has woke with the whole side his face swollen to point he no longer looks like the man I fell in love with. Recently in the past month, I've noticed him shaking uncontrollably. He's began forgetting things as soon as something happens; eating dinner & asking 20 minutes later when dinner is...unable to stand or walk due to severe swelling after 15 minites. Constantly in pain, vision blurs & now has issues breathing. Symptoms started to worsen when I sent him to ER on pretense of the swelling of his "under carriage" and a prostate exam was done, only to send him home with a possible diagonsis of prostate cancer and being told its all in his head. Issue here is no insurance. Hes fairly young (36) and has worked hard to support the kids and I over the years. This morning he woke with the whole left side his face swollen and no sight in the left eye. Tryin to keep this hid from the children is hard as they are aware somethings wrong. Any ideas??
—Guest Angel


You are not alone! I feel like these doctors nowadays are only there to judge people like us. They are not there to cure! I call them Kmart docs if u know what I mean? The minute they find out that u are a single mom, that's it! Everything gets blamed in stress. I've been have most the symptoms of MS and I've was diagnosed with for having a "mild" case of MS 3 yrs ago, I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as narrowing of spinal canal. But these so called Drs are still not doing anything about it. I practically get paralyzed on one side of the body for weeks or even months then I get somewhat better. Again these morons still tells me it's from stress!
—Guest 007jam

too young for this

I'm only 21 years old and have had 90 percent of the symptoms mentioned in the past two years! Truthfully the fatigue started it off and it has not budged,I get massive pains down the centre of my back which then go to my limbs,burning and cold patches on my arms and face,and most recently the clumsiness and balance issues have made it worse,I just need confirmation that it could be ms because I'm being palmed off by my doctors all the time
—Guest lewis


I am fine. That's the toughest thing, he said on The Talk. a0He went on to expialn how MS is a completely unpredictable disease, and likened it to the arthritis of the nervous system, a good analogy. He said he had bladder problems, vision problems and numbness in his legs before his diagnosis. In some ways, it sounded a lot like my own diagnosis story.


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Tingling in Rt Arm and Numbness in leg

For the past couple of days, I have felt this tingling sensation in my right arm and numbness in my left foot. I am 60 yrs and will be 61 next month. I want to know what is the matter with me.
—Guest Dee


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—Guest Replica Oakleys


Hi I hope somebody can help me. I am currently waiting for an appointment from a neurologist to come through by my gp. I am a 27 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis (another autoimmune condition, that affects my joints, connective tissues and can affect the organs). I take chemotherapy injections to kill the cells that cause it, every week. I noticed that about the same time that my RA symptoms started, that I would get very numb, weak and heavy arms and legs. It only happened maybe once a month at first. But recently it's been happening about four times every week. I'm also getting major fatigue, although this could be from the RA. Also I keep getting a bad neck and headaches with facial twitching. My rheumatologist has said that it's not related to my RA. I'm really worried that something else is going on, and have been waiting for nearly two months for an appointment now, so it's stressing me out. Hope everyone isn't having too many problems at the moment, and thanks. x
—Guest Kel

I have a question?

I have Systemic Lupus and I have had to have a shunt put into my brain which after almost 2 years I now have to replace and I just had to have Bilateral Optic Nerve Sheath Decompression Which was to save my sight. I was just wondering....I just started having left arm numbing and some of the same sysptoms as you all have....So That leads me to my question.....Do you get ever get MS and Systemic Lupus Mixed up? Just Wondering......Thanks.....
—Guest MacKenzieLeigh


I was told at 61 that I have ms, every one telling me I'm to old to just now have MS. I don't know what to think id the MRI and test wrong?
—Guest marilyn


OMG I am reading a crazy litany of Lyme Disease sufferers going untreated for years. If you are not certain it is MS you NEED TO FIND A LYME LITERATE MD (SPECIALIZES IN LYME!!) AND GET ANTIBIOTICS IMMEDIATELY. Recovery is slow but you should notice a difference within a few weeks!! PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP AND ASSUME THIS IS MS. Many "MS" Sufferers who die have their brains tested and find active Borrellia Burgdorferi and coinfections in the brain tissue!!!
—Guest Patty


iam brian afinalist in my university studies some thing has started to confuse me that is ifeel weak in my legs ,arms and fingers aid me out frds
—Guest kibalama brian

doctors don't listen

Hi! I've been to the doctors straight for over 3 years about dizzieness, tiredness etc, then after I had my daughter I got worse, started getting mega back pain, tingling in my legs until my legs went numb and I dropped to the floor while holding my lil one! I dead going to bed because I go mube from the waist down and just about every morning forget and go to stand up but hit the floor, I have random times when my legs dong work. But now it has gone into my hand and sometimes I can't even grip a cup or pen! My doctor did say ms as there may be a link between me and my dad, he had ms all my life! I'm only 21 and as I'm typing this I now have no feeling in my right hand! :( what do you think?
—Guest tara

Could it be sleep apnea?

Some responses describe symptoms that seem like sleep apnea to me--dizziness, tiredness, can't think straight or remember well, and especially, falling down a lot. If you snore, get tested. You may not be getting enough oxygen in your sleep.
—Guest guest Lee

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