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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

tingly/numb feeling

Ever since I had mg son 9 months ago whenever I would go to look down a certain way or move my right arm a certain way I woukd get this tingly/ numb feeling can anybody tell me what is wrong with me?
—Guest Chelsey

numbness to my legs and sleepless nights

About a month ago i went to the hospital with shortness of breath and numbness to my legs and my heart rate felt high so they did an CT scan and other things didnt find anything... But i was let out with no pain killers or anything... Now i am feeling it again but now the numbness is heading to my left arm and i lay down and just get high waves and i cant stand being laying down i dont know if its my nerves or what but i really really nred help bcuz i cant take this pain
—Guest Ben L.

somethings up

I've been feeling off lately. Pain in my chest near my heart. Pressure in my left arm. Now severe lower back pain. If i do too much i feel like one wrong move and ill be paralyzed. If i sit or lay down and try to move, the pain like paralyzes me. Its mostly my left lower back. My mother thinks its from the epidural from giving birth. Anyone felt this way?
—Guest Karen


I went in for blurry vision and was told i had pars planitis which led to mri. Lesions in brain and spine. 2 years ago. No disability yet Using whals protocal, food as medicine and steroids in eyes.
—Guest donna


I went in hospital with a rash nd tiredness, also real bad pain in my neck ,they kept me in for two days as my white blood cells were really low, they allowed me home the day after they sent me home and to this day I am having horrific pain right through the day in my fingers carnt even do my job properly, not happy been back doctors now waiting to see results last lot after hospital was something up with red blood cells this time x
—Guest Joanne

num in my right foot and legs

num in my feet and right leg getting worse went over to my left foot I. jsd mri Mri now my muddle back is getting num
—Guest csrolyn

early MS symptoms???

I have recently had some really strange things going on with my body...I have a numb spot on the top of my back that itches, if you press on it I get a stabbing semstaion, I have another numb spot on the left side of one of my toes. I am tired, usually ready for a nap by the afternoon but that could just be from thed emands of my daily routine. About two months ago I started getting shooting pains in my arms and legs, they dont happen fast and go away, they seem to linger, with them I have muscle weakness. For the past few weeks I have been constantly dizzy...I feel like I dont have any balance. As more things happen to me I am getting more scared, what I once shrugged off and blamed on regular muscle pain is now starting to worry me. Does any of this sound familiar with early onset of MS???
—Guest jody

No one understands

I am 32 years old and have had strange symptoms since 2007. I had one MRI and it shows three lessions in white brain matter not typical for MS. my symptoms are painful swolling joints, double vision, eye trimers, tingling in face and body, off balance, tiredness,blood in urine, funny smelling urine. I have to have another MRI in a few weeks. I am frustrated and tired of being in pain. I was even asked today by a family friend today if I was on drugs because I sleep so much. I feel like every one around me thinks I'm crazy or lazy. I just want to feel normal and have my life back. Reading every ones story's makes me feel not so alone .... So thanks for sharing them:0) I wish every one the very best!
—Guest Tia

To those who are unclear if it's MS or ?

MS is difficult to diagnose because it affects everyone differently. Please contact your local MS Society. They will send you pamplets that are very helpful and can also send you to a local MS Specialist if you like. They are very understanding and will help you to find out if you truly have MS or if it could be something else. I admonish you to give it a try, I was nervous to contact them at first, but so glad now, that I did. MS is not something a lot of people understand, so having someone who truly gets where you're coming from is very refreshing. Hope this helps!
—Guest Carol


Review for 4 years with L sided abdo pain and L arm numbness.. Every scope possible and "trapped " nerve advised - nothing helped Boughts of fatigue ++, wife thought I was lazt and at it, she soon found "help" from work college (not nice). Still works at same place and we still together, just. Never liked teh guy at any point from first meeting. He was soon dumped by wife and will always wonder why Now diagnosed with MS and I feel so bad. Think wife only staying now as she would loof=k really bad if she left !!!!!
—Guest JD

15 and been checked for diabetes

I'm 15 have been having pain in my eye and my right hand has been numb for 2 weeks I get headaches and get patches of purple stops on my skin that don't hurt or anything I also get weak easily but my doctor only checked me for diabetes and they said it wasn't I pretty sure there's something wrong
—Guest Kailey


since April 2012 i am feeling viabration on my face and lips pl advise me
—Guest ASHOK

Tired of getting sick

After years of searching for answers, I found others I can relate to. I have been to many specialists and doctors, to no avail. My episodes started about 4 Years ago. I lost a clump of hair, had migrating burning sensations on my legs and arms, extreme exhaustion, Difficulty formulating sentences and at times can't speak, when walking my gate would change in my stride and I found that I have to will myself to walk, would mix up words, sometimes i think things I did yesterday were done today. One of my new symptoms is my toes go numb and I trip because I am not lifting my feet when I think I am. I can tell when I have an attack because my thinking changes and mood. My eye sight is horrible. i went to a neurologist who dismissed my concerns and after I told him that I came to him for help and not to be dismissed by him, he reluctantly ordered a test. The doctor called me a few days later and said signals from my brain but he didn't know what it means. I know stress brings this on.
—Guest Speechless

Should i worry

My dad has ms i am 36 at random times i see black floatin spots my legs cramp daily sometimes my finger tips tingle an my arms will shake
—Guest STACY

my symptoms

I'm having foot drop, pain that's in my arms fingers and leg and foot numbness tingling weakness just constant pain fatigue my eyes are getting worse finger cramps and foot cramps tightness around the head burning on the foot and ankle
—Guest Sgallegos6614

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