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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

Still waiting on diagnosis

My journey began with drop and drag foot duration 1 mo. 2001 at 31. Tremors in hands 2004 duration 2 mo. and prescribed neurontin. Cramps, spasms, numbness, and pins and needles in face, neck, arms, back, hands, hips, thighs, legs, and feet, 2009- present duration 1 wk. to 1 mo. Tremors May 23-24. Dr. set me up to have MRI and scheduled me with neurologist, had initial appt. this morning after waiting 2 mo. The hospital had already sent him a disc of my brain MRI images, he had already viewed the images, yet he asked me why I was seeing him today! He did'nt say anything about my MRI images until I asked 30 minutes into my appt. if I could see the images with him because I had questions about a couple of the images he then finally told me that he already looked at them. I told the neurologist I had a question about a couple of the images and told him which images, he then proceeded to tell me it was calcium deposits and it's NORMAL. EMG scheduled for 8/1/2011 hoping to get answers soon.
—Guest Lori

MS with no lesions?

I have all the symptoms of a textbook case of MS. My doctor agreed and sent me for a MRI. The results showed "normal for someone my age" but no lesions. My question is, can I have MS and not have any lesions on my brain?

I was one of the lucky 15% ...

I was on of the lucky 15% that got my diagnosis w/optic neuritis. I got the headaches from HELL and double vision. Happened 1st time and steriods took it away. Happened the 2nd time and steriods didn't work. Within two months of a lot of tests to rule out other things, I got my diagnosis of MS. Luckily only two relapses so far in 13 years!
—Guest Mare


My son is 37 he has MS he hasn't been able to work fot 2 weeks now going on 3 now. He can't hear out of his ear and is off balance will this come back? He doesn't have insurance so he doesn't have a Dr and can't get in to a clinic for 3 weeks. What do we do? We feel lost!
—Guest dmvnana

Dx 2007

Burning sensations, left side heaviness, vertigo and TN. MRI showed 11 lesions. Lumbar puncture was normal. The Trigeminal neuralgia is by far the worse symptom of my MS, occuring several times a year for weeks at a time. On Carbamazepine and Lyrica for it. Take SERC for vertigo.. Very blessed to be without noticeable disability. Thank you Lord.
—Guest Chele

need answers

Dear Tiffany, I am in the field of nutrition, I am not a doctor, but have vast experience due to my past illness. Question: has she been checked for celiac(a gluten disorder) I have been gluten free for twelve yrs now and my health has changed 90% for the better, before that I was tested for everything under the sun, with no answers. If it is a road unexplored it could not hurt to speak to your doctor about testing. Do a little research first because not all tests are accurate and it could be over looked. I wish you and your daughter love...JJ Childs
—Guest JJ

Symptoms I have

I have very shaky right arm and leg, very little coordination, a lot of trouble pickings up, droping thigs poor balance feel like going to fall, uneven walking , i havnt been tested. should i, please help, Debbie


My first symptoms started with numb toes felt like I had sand between them then my right foot was numb, I whent to my GP. He told me to mention to my neurologist when I shaw her for my migraines she sent for an MRI, showed nothing much. I was in hospital being treated for my migaines and she suggested a Sural nerve biopsy this showed I had lyphmoctic vasculitis. By now my numbness has spread to both legs just above the. I am in hospital having an MRI, spinal tap , nerve conduction study I. Hope to get to the bottom of this now I am also presenting with shaking hands and legs for the second time in six months Gary.... Australia
—Guest Gary new

my Diagnosis

I was so glad to find out what I starting thinking was in my head, was indeed, in my head! One morning I awoke to have my entire left side numb. I was wondering if I was having a stroke....so I headed to the ER.... After a full day of testing, the Dr came in and told me that the good news was I had not had a stroke, but that I had MS. Wow, I felt relieved to know FINALLY, what I was dealing with. I had chronic vertigo, which was never diagnosed...and a few other symptoms that never seemed to go together. Now that I know, they ALL go together as Symptoms of MS. I am still trying to get my meds right, but hopefully once we do, I will not be so uncomfortable.
—Guest Kim R

Frustrated and Aggrivated

I feel everyone's pain literally, I have had symptoms of different illnesses since I was in my late teens to early 20's I am now 53, still waiting to go from probable MS to full diagnosis. Since I show no signs in my spinal fluid can't get a full diagnosis without MRI's every 6 months to see if more lesions have formed, that is crazy in the meantime I am on several meds for fatigue, IBS, Urinary Incontanence, acid reflux, pain meds and anti-inflammatories which I have bad reaction to Meloxicam have to take Aleve which is bad for my stomach. Want to find a Dr. that will help me get a diagnosis without the run around. Have bad reaction to heat, can't find an exercise program that works for me, have gained 40 lbs and can't seem to loose it, total numbness and pain in both hands and feet, left side of my body really getting hit hard due to large lesion on right side of my brain. Have appt. with neuro again this week hope to get news of definite diagnosis.
—Guest Yellow Rose Texas

MS diagnosis

Although I had many symptoms before being diagnosed such as motion sickness, cognitive problems, severe memory loss etc. It wasn't until I developed optic neuritis that I was finally given an MRI and diagnosed with MS
—Guest Marie


i got verysick one day.kept falling down a work,and other things
—Guest sharonhopkins

brokenhearted but just became saved

My mother died of Ms in 2002. I found my true soul mate in 2004. We married May 2005. I was still suffering the loss of my mom. I finally moved forward and went back to school and became an aesthetician in 2010. I obtained my licence to practice in sept 2011. Ever since April I have had extreme imflammation and pain in my right shoulder and right base of my neck. I had an mri in july 2010 that showed tendonitis. I went to physical therapy, ortho docs, any my primary. No one could help me except for my primary of 7 yrs writing me scripts, etc. The whole time I was working for a corp office thelast 7 yrs now, even during school. The last ortho I went to ordered a c-spine mri and oops.... It stated an abnormal signal around my neck and findings of a dyeliminating process such as MS. The doc who ordered mri called to tell me I wasn't crazy then sent me to a friend of his which is a neuro. I became a christian and good things are happening for me. Please hand ur burdens to God and pray!
—Guest Alexis

They dropped a bomb on me

I had a series of mri's done on my back in Oct-Nove 2010 to try and reopen an work related injury claim. I was told the images were very good. The injury was visible, along with some older points of interest, oh and by the way... YOU HAVE MS. Yup. Sux to be me. I was injured at work in June, 2009 and haven't been able to perform similiar work since. My wife didn't believe my pain was as serious as I made out it was. She also refused to put me on her health insurance. Eventually she kicked me out and moved a boyfriend in. Then I get the MS diagnosis. If I had seen this list of symptoms 25 years ago, I would have begged for testing. Now I'm sleeping on my buddy's couch, with no health insurance, wondering what will happen to me. I don't have a primary care physician because I grew up a retired army brat and the few times I went to see a doctor was like a lightning strike... never the same 1 twice.
—Guest Quinton


dx in 2010 with ms unemployed nurse trusting in jesus he is my only hope.
—Guest neise

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