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Readers Respond: What has been the most painful part of MS for you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

pian all over

i was wonder if any one can help me out ive been having pian in my neck and also in the back of also in my arms and legs back and in my feet and have tremors and feels like eltric shock going through
—Guest tammy

Ms and Pain

I too am having pain on my left side, fatigue and overall bad mood. My neurologist doesn't seem to be helping me. Just wants to make me get more tests.
—Guest Lisa

30 year with MS

Had one flare up last year and two since Jan this year. Last one a month ago that I have not recovered from. I have began to have pain in my neck and back of head and isolated pain in my head. Have done well over he years and now it seen to be progressing. I am 73 years old and looking back at systems I believe I always had MS and possible born with it. Miss DX until 2010. Never had any pain until now. Pain in the head and neck related to nerves being attacked?
—Guest halley

Enduring the pain of MS

My experience living with MS is a painful one. I don't take pain medication as I don't want to be addicted to pills I try to get all my work done early in the day cause I never know how I'lll feel by the time the afternoons comes around & i want to crawl out of my body.The fatigue hits me like I've been clubbed with a sledge hammer & the pain is sometimes excruciating all over & also I feel like I'm walking on shards of glass I try to will the pain away to no avail so I suck it up & continue on I'm going to look into some alternative methods of treating the pain like Tai Chi & Dahn Yoga
—Guest Tracy

everythng wrong w me is ms related

The migraines,my spine hurt so bad I had to lay on just my floor.my hands just felt as if every bone was being broken.I've NEVER dealt w so much pain before in my life.
—Guest gemini6285

do i have m.s im in pain everyday and ve

To all of you thats in pain like im,I know how you feel.im 50 years of age and everyday is so sicking i complain so much i think people just think im losing my mind.i take percocet 3 times a day,But it does not help the pain pain is so horrible i have to take more.it help my muscles function a little but for the most part its stays there.im so sick of this i even told my docter i need something stronger.once the emergency pick me up and told me.not to be funny but you have chronic pain and taking your meds is just like taking and asprin and tell ur docter to add another pain pill with it or increase my meds or change to suin esle.thats the only way i can function.
—Guest glenzerp@yahoo.com


In the fall of 2011 while working in security I started having some medical problems.Of couse I did'nt say anything to my bosses because my job was walking and my problems was with walking.I won't go into a big long story,suffice it to say it was an entire year before I got diagnosed with MS.My family doctor did not believe anything I was telling him because I was already being treated for depression.It was clear to me that he was'nt taking my complaints seriously and was assuming it was because I was depressed.He even went as far as to tell me to get out of his office because there was nothing wrong with me.But worst of all because the doctor did this my own family turned on me and accused me of faking all of it.That I was just looking for a free ride.Your probably thinking ow he must have a history of lying.But actually I have the opposit history of telling doctors something is wrong and being right in the end.When I was 17 I had surgery to remove a meckles diverticulitis with ulcer.

Pain, pain go away

My spastic pain has been with me since 2010 and has dropped me to my knees on several occasions praying to God to put me out of my misery and take me. But, when it eases I come to my senses and realize I have a daughter to raise. She is the angel God bestowed on me to fight and have hope. She is so amazing so I will, and the next time I get that pain drop to my knee pain, I just picture her face.
—Guest lakegirl


Had ms 2007,notice it by having severe pain in my left hand then my left leg & starting having pain,fatigue & tire all day so i feel so bad cause people start saying we all have fatigue but they dont know what pain we suffer as ms patients,really need to cure cause this makes me feel depressed & nervous all time,any help?!!
—Guest Hate pain


The numbness in.hands and feet.the a aching.legs and severe fatigue. And the shutdown of. Clear thinking. Very. Controlling.in.your lifestyle.
—Guest carol


My Neuro is a jerk...whom Iam quite sure just thinks that I am a "drug seeking" nurse with MS. Unless people have MS and deal with the pain that we do...they have no idea. People just see that Iam young (33), a nurse, and a single mom. They have no idea the pain I feel daily in my legs. Two yrs ago my Neurologist "gave in" basically, and put me on 7.5 of hydrododone-2 each night as needed. That's it...Ummmmm, there r 24 hrs in a day. I see patients at my hospital get prescribed pain meds for far less reasons...but we have a legitimate and very real disease, and get treated like junkies for wanting relief from real pain. I constantly pray for a Neurologist who actually has MS-or even a PA or NP who has MS-to come.and practice in my city! Maybe then we all can b better understood and better treated, because the doctor would b feeling what we feel-instead of determining how we feel based on some stupid textbook they have read. And I have to see my Neuro at work almost daily. Good luck all
—Guest Just Me

ms.s. or not

I have been experiencing loss of balance, dizziness, severe burning pain in right hand and wrist. havent been tested for m.s. its not neuropathy or carpal tunnel so i've been told. could it be ms.s. just in early stages
—Guest fancie


I went into the emergency room almost three months ago thought I was having a mini stroke so did the doctor but then later i am still having problems with my left arm no feeling in arm twice i have walked and lost balance about five times with right leg I have burning and itchy feelings all over body it jumps around sometimes numbness in right cheek and legs by my calf's I have noticed my left eye spasms involuntary and I have had my tongue tighten so tight it kinda freaks me out have every once in a while my head shakes I am now going to go see a neurologist and eye doctor. I hope they can figure out what is going on. One doctor that checked me in er said he can't understand why I am having these symptoms because my MRI chowed nothing and my blood work was ok. well I know something is going on with me so hopefully third and fourth option help I am frustrated uncomfortable and want it all to go away
—Guest kel

My p.p.m.s.

I woke up 4years ago and onley had half of my body working.there was no sighn of been sick up till that day , I went to all kinds of doc. And was told at first I had m.s. then I got worse then told I had p.p.m.s. the pain in my back and legs are uncontrollable I don't kno what to do any more .i have to kids and can't explain how bad I feel to be this way I think god he gave me the first 16 years of there life healthy ,cause now I can't do much of anything for them, I feel like such a burden on them and my family ,and lossing out on so much of there life I don't kno what to do any more.
—Guest Jessica

road to somewhere...

I am 32 and have been having some scary syptoms legs pains, numbness, loss of sight, speach different, burning 24/7 in my leg and side..was check for stroke all clear that was a year ago symptoms still here, more now so waiting to be seen my nurologist (sorry for spelling that's really suffered) it could take 6-12weeks before i get seen my gp thinks it could be ms,, the symptoms have been coming for years but i just put it down to the fibromyalia i was dignoised with when i was 12.. but the pain,numbness head,burning is very differnt to the fibro, i've even woken up on the floor of my living room and kitchen not sure how i've even got there presuming i was sleep walking even though i never have,, have to say i am a little scared this time, i'm ment to be looking after my elderly parents NOT the other way around.
—Guest annie

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