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Readers Respond: How much does numbness and tingling bother you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

Like I have said before, I understand intellectually what physicians mean when they refer to MS-related numbness and tingling as “only an annoyance,” “not disabling,” or a “benign” symptom. However, as a person living with this symptom of multiple sclerosis, the constant feeling of “pins and needles” is a minor form of physical and emotional torture, always reminding me of my MS. What about you? How does numbness and tingling (paresthesia) affect your life and your mood? Does it barely register or is it a constant demon? Do you have any tips for the rest of us on dealing with this symptom?

scared to

I'm 21 years old about 7 days ago I just all of a sudden went numb from head to toe my face everything I have absolutly no felling and really I'm looking around the internet and I'm pretty scared because couple stories had to deal with trama and stress, well I just recently a year ago got out of my marriage after he beat me and my kids. But its been a year since then. All of them have to do with stress hey mommy here of 2...... And anxiety was another topic yes I've got bad anxiety. But what I'm really afraid of is I've attempted suiside 3 times since I was 8 and really afraid this is going to drive me insane. I really hope we as a numb body communitty get our answers this shit really sucks and I don't want to choose a wrong path :(
—Guest caitlin

burning/numbness/tingling pain

I was dx with MS in Nov of last year. I have what they call MS Hug. I have burning, numbness and tingling but its not quite as bad as it was when I was dx. I've been on copax. since dx with MS. Every day is a challenge but I try to stay positive and my family support is wonderful.
—Guest Debbie


Most of my back is numb..I have MS,spinal stenosis,h.disc, yada. Very itchy at times where the numbness stops. Can't judge the heat of the shower..sun..etc. I also have had numbness in my upper lt.leg, both hands&arms, upon waking the back of my head. It is very uncomfortable and makes sleeping difficult. Just writing this post is a pain...I have no insurance and have no medicine for any of these problems. I am now 58 years old. Any help out there? Hoping....+
—Guest suzanne story


I was felling the bottom of my feet getting numb so I went and had steroids in a iv got 3 days it worked a little bit then I found out I was pregent. I didn understand cause when I was pregent with my daughter I wasn't sick at all I was a regular person I didn even have morning sickness so now my feet still numb I hit some weed once and that helped a lot the numbness almost gone in 6 months ago this happened in the weed made my numbness go away not smoking any more while I'm carrying my baby tho
—Guest brandy

Feet and legs on fire

I understand everyones pain its a struggle everyday. Just pray for the strengh to get threw each day.god bless
—Guest Crystal

only in my right hand side

I have had this problem now since I was 18. I first noticed it as working as a hairdresser, I couldn't lift my right arm, then I began to struggle driving. I was sent for an MRI which showed nothing. I am now 37 and its literally from head to toe on only the right hand side of my body. I have one child who is now 10, whilst giving birth the doctors couldn't believe my pain threshold. Its so bad now I went to see my gp who sent me for another MRI, Then to the neurologist who said my left side of the brain is larger than the right and this is the cause? I have all the signs of MS so really do not understand? My gp has put me amitriptyline which realld does help me sleep, I recently lost my mum to cancer and im not coping very well so it has really flared up. my muscles pulsate all the time.... I dont think I will ever get to know what is really wrong?
—Guest Helen


I'm in real discomfort with buzzing, tingling and burning in my legs, driving me crazy, meds don't seem to do much , unless they are helping and with out them I'd be a lot worse??? who knows!
—Guest Irene


Im new to this. i found out in October of 2011 that i have MS. It has been a very rocky road for me. the entire year before i found it out, my ped. doctor was constantly throwing me on medications because my tonsils were swollen. they would never go down, i was always tired and never felt right. i knew something was wrong. he sent me to an ENT and they sent me to a cancer doctor, but they told me it was all in my head. i was always telling myself it wasnt. after i found out i had it, in sept. of 2011 my right side of my face started going numb. it was weird.i went to the er and they gave me a dose of steroids. now its May of 2012, my left leg has been numb for a month or so now. i moved, so im at a new doctor. they are blowing me off, and i havent had another dose of steroids to slow the swelling down. im in constant pain. and my medications dont seem to work for me. im on so many meds, and im taking a shot. i hate it all. im going through so much. i need to know what to do. email me.
—Guest katherine

the Left leg

The left leg is the trouble zone..numbness, then pins and needles with little jolts that start at the neck and roll down to the hills of my feet. I do so many things to help this but sometimes its so annoying I can't take my mind of it. How can you push this type of "trouble" aside? We need a cure the neck flow
—Guest Kelli

Facial numbness

OMG I can't stand it. Facial and head numbness on left side tonight. About to go nuts. Feel like going to e.r. Feel terrible. : (
—Guest Heather Renee

Numbness never leaves

been numb in legs and feet for 2+ years, It never leaves, I have a space heater under my desk and get blisters on my legs cause I cant feel them, any advice? I can still hit a golfball 300 yards tho... mplc5@yahoo.com
—Guest mark

Numbness, Tingling in both legs

I was told in 2007 that i have MS..I will never forget that day bc everyday since then I wake up with numbness, and tingling in both legs..feels like ants are crawling up and down. I have been living with this for 4 years so far and everyday is the same. We tried numerous meds to try to control it, but the Neuro is saying maybe it will resolve itself. Maybe this is the only deficit you will experience. It is not easy, but I try hard everyday to forget about it. I continue on with my daily life, bc i have a "BUCKET LIST" that I want to accomplish before I die. I find myself praying alot for help in getting thru this. Thanks for taking the time in reading this!
—Guest jessup383

Numbness - Tingling - MS Hug

I was diag Feb 2010. I have had, from my lower rib cage down to my toes, numbness and tingling. My Neurologist and Primary Dr told me I had a mild case of RR-MS. It has been over 2 years and there is no change. I have gotten used to the strange feelings that I get through out my body. The Hug gets me around my rib cage and then travels down around my hips. I was waiting for this to stop and go into remission. I think I am lucky, I can still work full time and drive. So if this is the best, so be it.
—Guest Patti


I have had numbness in my legs for 3 years, So bad that I get burned from a spaceheater under my desk. That is the only symptom I have and they say I have MS. I am taking LDN which helps a little but still searching for some other cure. Any advice??? mplc5@yahoo.com
—Guest Mark

the sensation of creepy crawly

it is torture to feel like you have bugs in your head and back and the pain shooting up and down my head, back, arms and legs, It is not easy to carry out daily functions when your body hurts all day and your emotionally unable to be normal because your head is foggy all day..i have spinal stenosis and herniated discs, MS, spinal degenertive disease, and fybromyalgia Its been 3 years and i cant do it anymore...
—Guest Rosemarie
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