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Readers Respond: How much does numbness and tingling bother you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

Like I have said before, I understand intellectually what physicians mean when they refer to MS-related numbness and tingling as “only an annoyance,” “not disabling,” or a “benign” symptom. However, as a person living with this symptom of multiple sclerosis, the constant feeling of “pins and needles” is a minor form of physical and emotional torture, always reminding me of my MS. What about you? How does numbness and tingling (paresthesia) affect your life and your mood? Does it barely register or is it a constant demon? Do you have any tips for the rest of us on dealing with this symptom? Share With Others


—Guest jesse v


I have been diagnose with ms in 2011 and my first episode was blurry vision and numbness on my legs now my left leg gets weaker and weaker again I'm afraid i will have another episode because of the sesation and tingling is there anything that I can do to stop it other than medications?
—Guest Manny

Testing for MS

I had numbness, tingling, seizures like strokes and scaring in my brain and no one thought to test me for MS. These are routine symptoms and should warrant a testing for MS. 30 years pass until I got a DX. Angry as hell but doing fine and on no meds. Also in a power chair 5 years before DX.
—Guest halley

solumedrol with NO problems

I am 73 years old. DX in 2010. Believed to have had MS for over 30 years. I have no problems at all with the Solumedrol. Come of our relapse quickly. Have been is power chair for over 10 years. Cannot explain. Suspected MS but could never get tested until everything else was ruled out. walks in my apartment. Has the best sex live ever and these years are the best of my life. Numbness, tingling, etc goes away between relapse. Take no medication except supplements. VitD, Omega 3, low fat no sugar diet. Finish a 3 day monday and all is almost normal.
—Guest halley


you "seriously" even like that obama (abomanation) so called "health" care?? pssst,....your a christian? You should know its a farce and trick. I also have MS but will rather cure myself or die trying rather than resort to that creeps sick care.
—Guest hugsandkiss


I have numbness tingling in my back from bottom to my neck. Numbness in my right arm draging my left leg from time to time. I have a wife that is working and I,m the house dad is 33 years old. In the morgning the pain numbness is so wurse that I some time have the feeling to pass out. And I have a 4 month old baby and a .2 year old son that I have to take care fore during the day. Pain meds doint work for me. It does not take the edge of. If I smoke weed I doint think about the pain. For a couple of hours. The day is a struggle for me how do I feel to day. I bought a SUV so I doint have to climb out of the car any more but slide of my seat and slide back into the car. My pain episode is the wurse and if my son is crying I go to insanity and try to think on some thing els not hearing the crying of my son. He is just a kid. But a kids screaming when I,m in pain is no fun even my son jumps on me and the pain shoots threu my hole body. Getting depressed from the pain every day.
—Guest Michael


Is anyone scared of falling because of the numbness in feet (and pain) and imbalance?? :(


I have numbness in left foot too, shoes help me too. It affects my walk plus my knees buckle at times, makes me unsteady. Stairs are a nightmare now. Pain in right eye with much blurriness and color distortion...The thing that bothers me the most is peeing all the time, hate it and have had to cope with it for 30 years w/ bladder inf's , then kidney infections. Mostly deaf in left ear. Started taking gabapentin yesterday but I'm scared to take a thing, don't like drugs. Getting a Vit B12 injection next Tuesday and will get back to see if it helps. Was dx with Pernicious Anemia 10 years ago and just quit getting them, very bad thing to do. I've read that those are good for MS too.


I been expericing numbness right side head down to my feet. Mri came back neg. I somrthing not right.pain in lower back.Numbness top of head and face lips with dizziness
—Guest judy

More than I can explain

I have a numb and painful arm right now. The fun part is that it will just move on to a different part of my body. Which in turn will make me cry from the loss of control. So I decide to just go to bed, to forget the pain and numbness. Since the numbness won't go away I become angry and depressed. My family looks on with sadness because they know they cannot help. So if you read this and know someone with MS please just hug them and tell them you love them. It's the best medicine. My daughter always seems to know.
—Guest Angela

MS Hug

I had optic neuritis in 2000. In 2009 I had numbness in my right rib cage, from my breast bone all the way around to my spine. Then I had a spinal tap and MRI and was diagnosed with MS. Found out later it was the MS Hug. My numbness is constant, sometimes worse that others to the extent of feeling like a giant hand is gripping my rib cage and won't let go. Take gabapentin, not sure if it helps. Five months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. My left foot is also constantly numb. As long as I wear a bra and shoes, I can deal with both for now. In January I had radiation and am just now coming out of the "fog" from the radiation fatigue. It really sucks to have both problems.
—Guest Cardgal

pain /tingley/electicity/pain unabale to

alot of pain in my right hand figure numbness electricity feel like my figure arwe flame and swallom not sue what to do feet also in toes have numbess ticko feeling pain muscle spamse when to the er had general test per doctor did not find nt wrong very stress out being like this for three month very worry
—Guest carmen

Numbness and tingling

Numbness and tingling cause me a great amount of distress every day. My face, hands and arms are the worst. At times it affects the inside of my mouth and my tongue. Loss of taste and my tongue itches terribly! My fingertips have lost their sense of touch and I am unable to keep a grasp on items unless I keep my eyes on my hands. If I look away I drop whatever is in my hand.
—Guest susan b maziarz

a survivor

Tingling in feet most days on waking, numbness on and off waist down, numbness tip of pinky - really does not bother me. diagnozed since 11/11. The tingling/numbness does not bother me - every day I wake up and can walk, talk, work in office, swallow, I am a happy camper.
—Guest Faith

Tingling & numbness

I was diagnosed with MS in November 2011. One of my very first symptoms (for at least a couple years prior to diagnosis) was tingling & numbness in my left pinky finger. Since then, I have a significant amount in my right hand & fingers, as well as in my feet and lower legs.
—Guest Suzanne

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