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Readers Respond: Do you think a certain diet can help slow MS?

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Updated August 12, 2009

As people with MS, we are often willing to try anything that may help lessen our symptoms or slow the progression of the disease. For some of us, following a particular diet seems to be the answer, or at least give us some relief from the various MS-related discomforts. Most docs are reluctant to say diet has any effect whatsoever on MS. As for myself, I can't say whether or not eating certain things makes MS damage my myelin more quickly or slowly. However, I can say that I move more slowly and painfully when I eat gluten and legumes, so I avoid them. Do you follow a particular diet? Share your story and ideas here.


ms and strict diet I was diagnosed with ms 7 years ago. I had the first attack, was presribed prednisone, then went into a healthy remission for about 1 1/2 years. Then I started to go downhill. Neurologist got me on Rebif, which I took for about 5 1/2 years, then she wanted to switch me to Avonex as an intermediate before startingt me on Tysabri. Well, I started the Avonex in December, 2011, but was unable to afford the deductible in January, 2012, so I stopped all medication. My daughter happened to see a youtube video in her biology class at school. When she got home, she said "Mom, you have to watch this." The video was only about 17 minutes. Dr. Terry Wahls ( a Tedx video ) explained about how she recovered from ms through diet and excercise and how eliminating certain foods and increasing certain nutrients would make a difference. I started this diet a few days after and have followed it religiously for 4 months since then. I am still not great, but significantly better.
—Guest Diane


UGH! If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd NEVER eat/drink ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS! Have tried most of the MS drugs but couldn't handle tolerate some of the side-effects. Since I elimiintated dairy, I'm on nothing! Wish I'd done this about 40 years ago when I FIRST heard about the possiblilty of a connection between MS and food allergies.
—Guest Sherry

WOW I'm off!!

I was diagnosed in 2009 with CIS (Clinically Isolated Syndrome)they can't call it MS until I have a relapse and I have not either 'silent' or 'physically' *knock on wood*I have actually asked a few times for another LP, but that is a discussion for another wall I suppose. My comment for this wall is that I am a vegetarian, I have been for approximately 8 years. I don't eat mammals or birds, I do however eat lots of sole and other fish, I do eat eggs, cheese, drink milk and lots of water. For protein, etc. I (approved by neurologist and MS doctor) take 8000 IU of Vitamin D/day, 1000 mg of calcium/day and also 1000mcg of B12(strips)/per day. I am not much of an exerciser, just the daily cleaning, running after my 3 year old and we go to a pool once a week. Areas that need improvement(with or without ms)are my weight and exercise,my stress level is extremely high,as I also have an 18 year old, but I am happy and healthy*knock on wood*and a bit superstitious lol. Any thoughts?? :)
—Guest Dana

Diet and MS

In Australia we have an MS genius by the name of Dr George Jelinek who has written much about MS long before the medical establishment agreed with him. He writes about long term studies in the 1960s about diet and MS which has astonishing results and which I was following for many years with great results. Also talked about Vitamin D first. I urge every MSer to find copies of his books.
—Guest AmberTia

Diet and MS

In Australia we have an MS genius by the name of Dr George Jelinek who has written much about MS long before the medical establishment agreed with him. He writes about long term studies in the 1960s about diet and MS which has astonishing results and which I was following for many years with great results. Also talked about Vitamin D first. I urge every MSer to find copies of his books.
—Guest AmberTia


I have had MS for 18 years and I follow similar dietary restrictions found in the Best Bet diet, although this is the first I have heard about it. I feel the best when my diet is free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. I will consider a legume free diet, but I would really miss my black beans.
—Guest Mary Beth

dietary approach to MS

I was firstr diagnosed with MS 3 years ago (PPMS) and was experiencing worsening symptoms at an alarming rate. I made a number of major life changes, including ceasing work (stress reduction), increasing sleep, fitness, core strengthening and balance wrk (wobble board, in addition to a very restrictive diet. My diet was no gluten, no dairy, very limited red meat and no legumes. MY MS symptoms have stabilized remarkably well and I do not feel like I have experienced deterioration in the last couple of years. I have no idea if it was the diet or my other life style changes, but the overall combination is working. I do not notice any sensitivity to any of the foods I had been eliminating and am now beginning to re-introduce them into my diet with moderation. In summary, I bvelieve that looking after your health through fitness, activity, stress reduction and healthy diet are fundamental to dealing with MS.
—Guest flyingp

No gluten, sugar, carbs forme

Paleo diet for me includes fruits, veggies, tree nuts, venison and cold water fishes, sunlight when I can get it Vitamin D supp when I can't. Work out 3x week. I was dx late at 55 this year but developed gluten intolerance 7 yrs ago which may have helped my leaky gut etc. I am firm believer in diet. Second MRI next month to see if any more lesions have developed but I feel great. Wheat is poison for me. I am not Celiac. Father and brother both had, have MS and eat all the wrong foods and never go outdoors. I think my diet and outdoor activities may have protected me most my life. PS I tolerate small amounts of rice.
—Guest Yes

Maintain your peace even in challenges!

Diagnosed with ms in 2003. Underwent several of the conventional drugs, which helped for a while but now ms has inflamation is rampant and Dr offered me the infamous Tysabri which I decided against. A natural approach to combating my symptoms and alleviating ms period! I have just learned about the healing mushroom called SHAGA - and there are other healing mushrooms you can research. Also Systemic Enzymes (google this too and see for yourself. Eliminating dairy, wheat definately NO Gluten etc is a must. Please find out about your blood type and which foods to avoid for your personal metobalism. These are just a few first step that we can take to have more control of our ms and. Anything that aids the regeneration of the immune system to strengthen it, as apposed to supressing it. Google: Rudy Cartwright and MS and give a BIG THANK YOY to Dr. Stachowiak for sharing her information with us! Believe in your recovery, not just for yourself, but for others and give God THANKS AND PRAISE
—Guest yeshimabett

Trust in God!

Im 27 years old and just nov of 2010 i found out i had ms. It was very diffucult the first time i had to stay in the hospital undergo steroid treatment and face the reality that i had a cronical situtation in my hands. 2 weekes after being released from the hospital i had another relapses, which took it's toll on me. But was also a time where Gos used my moment of feeling vurnable and speack to my heart. God doesnt want to see us suffer he didnt bring this upon us. But HE is Jeova, the God who heals, who makes all things beautiful and perfect. Do like i did, God i rebuke having MS, i rebuke feeling sick, and i pray that you will come and touch my life and heal me! And im am just now recovering from that second relapse, feeling so strong and inspired to share my story, that even if i havent received my full healing now, I will very soon, in Jesus name. If i have to go through this so His name may be glorified through my life, i know He is holding my hand every step of the way.
—Guest Patricia

MS Diet

This is such an interesting topic. I was dx almost 20 years ago with relasping remitting MS. I've been very fortunate & only in the past to 8 years has my 8 MS really started to affect my life. I truely believe that diet can affect our health & the way we feel. Mainstream medicine hasn't picked it up on it yet - at least not completely but it just makes since. In October I had a food intolerance test taken only to find I had a very strong intolerance (not allergy) to gluten, milk, sugar, rice, pork, tomatoes and sugar. I had moderate and mild intolerances to about other of my normal foods. For about a month I strictly eminimated all "intolerate" foods and felt really good. Then the holidays hit, time restraints and other presures got me away from the diet. I still avoid milk & gluten as much as possible but I want to get back to the diet because I felt so much better. I believe the concept of "leaky gut" exists and that diet has a lot to do with it - how can it hurt to try?
—Guest Ellie

Diet, rest, & exercise

I eat oatmeal for breakfest, fruit or veggies for lunch, and a dinner. i include walking everyday.as well. I am 31 years old, and was dx when i was 13 years old.
—Guest Guest Stacy


I'm 22 and was diagnosed with ms about 3 years ago, I'm taking copaxone, which has helped with the leasons, but I recieve added side effects from it. I heard that rattishes help alot, but I haven't tried it yet. I've notice alot of stuff on here say no or little diary, which is weird because I don't like dairy anyways. I'm looking to try anything natural because I'm pretty much totally bed bound 85 percent of the time. Thanks to everyone! I will use these pointers.
—Guest Ashlee

Best Best Diet

Have been following a diet free of dairy, gluten products and consume food in as close to their natural form - eg. make my own salad dressings with lemon, olive oil and a few spices etc. Have been doing this for 23 years after being first diagnosed with MS. The one time I had a bad relapse was when I let my diet slip - wanted to lose weight so began the South Beach Diet which included a large amount of dairy.... Have since returned to the Best Bet Diet and have recovered from the debilitating symptoms.
—Guest Elaine


I am 18 and was recently diagnosed with MS. I have committed, because of my age, to a wonderful diet, almost dairy and meat free. If I was this was before being diagnosed, how will a diet change help my symptoms. I am much more tired than girls my age yet I am lightyears "healthier" and more active.
—Guest Katie
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