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Accept that the wheelchair will be your legs from now on

Share Your Story: How I Made The Transition to a Wheelchair or Scooter

By lennartcrantz

Updated January 22, 2011

How long I have been in a wheelchair or scooter.

18 years

I knew it was time for a wheelchair/scooter when...

When I couldn't walk fifty meters without getting totally exhausted, I realized that something had to change. My option was a wheelchair.

The scooter I had a long time before I came to the wheelchair stage and it was a blessing! The scooter got me freedom to move about in wider circles.

The hardest part of a wheelchair/scooter was...

The fact that I was forced to use a wheelchair was a sign that my ms was getting worse. The knowledge of this had me traumatized for some time. Going from a walking aid to a wheelchair is somewhat final and I just didn't want to become a confirmed disabled person.

In the beginning I found that I couldn't reach things, things got in the way and the wheelchair kept bumping into everything everywhere.


  • Accept that the wheelchair will be your legs from now on and without legs you won't get very far. It will take some time before you get used to being in a wheelchair, but you get used to it.
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