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Readers Respond: What is your secret for coping with Solu-Medrol treatment and side effects?

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Updated November 24, 2008

Help us all out here. What are some of the things that you do to make your Solu-Medrol "journey" a little easier? Whether it is a science-based approach for feeling better during a course of steroids or a little personal ritual that takes away the stress, it could help someone facing treatment. Share your experiences and get some new ideas to try out from people who have "been there" and "done that."

I'm new to this site looking for guidanc

I have had 3 IV infusions of solumedrol, I have 2 more to go for now, I lost sight in my right eye 7 days ago, optic neuritis? Possibly the on set of MS. MRI results not good. Anyway, aside from feeling horrible, I am wondering why my neck,shoulder,throat, face etc... actually are tender to the touch, OUCH! Has anyone had these side affects?

solumedrol havoc

Spent 3 days in hosp for severe asthma attack. Could breathe after 120mg Iv dose with immediate adverse reactions......severe headache, nausea, tremors. COnt on 3 days and they gave me ativan and toradol before iv medrol. Now, 6 days later, each day I feel worse. Have intense head and eye pressure, severe numbness/tingling in calves and right fingers and forearm. Very dizzy with very low blood pressure. Sometimes my heart feels like it's bounding out of my chest. Very weak and vision blurred. Keeps getting worse. Am taking some good probiotics, vitamins, etc and hoping this will subside. I will never, ever take steroids again.
—Guest Vibes

We have to hope it gets better!!

9/5/14 This is the last day of solumedrol infusion, THANK GOD! I feel like a rag doll. I'm so very tired I can hardly carry my body around. This h/a is non-stop. I go to bed with it and wake up several times a night with it, and there it is still in the morning when I get up. It seems nothing gets rid of it. I have tried my pain meds, ibuprofen, nothing relieves it. Not able to read, very blurred vision. Crying, cold then hot, then angry, then afraid, all I can say is, my poor husband!! I did get a stomach ache last night for a while. The first time I got these infusions I felt like a million dollars after about 5 days. I hope I will feel that way again, because this really sucks! Thank you so very much for all your input and for this website.
—Guest Guest Kate


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Watch out!

I took Solu-Medrol via I.V. twice a month, for a couple of years, for my MS, and it rotted my bones! I broke my foot walking downstairs. Not jumping, or running. Walking, and I had never broken a bone before. While I felt great while I was taking the Solu-Medrol, it is not worth the damage that it did to my body. I also suspect that it was causing my hair to thin-out, as it has thickened-up nicely since I stopped receiving the Solu-Medrol infusions eight months ago.
—Guest Robin

Doctors dont warn of side effects

I was diagnosed with MS 2m ago after the initial attack and going numb on the left side i was given 5 days of solumedrol. Doctor only told me of metalic taste to be expected. He did not warn me of feeling fluish, water retention, headaches, mood swings, tightness in chest in chest feeling more tired than you began. Symptoms stayed for two weeks after in varying degrees. If I was warned beforehand would not have panicked so much....Also found that taking energy levels were better after taking supplements Co enzyme Q10, vitamin D, Omeg3's, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Good luck for every one with MS and hang in there
—Guest M.Mun

Solu-medrol infusion

I don't really know about others the pain I have with an MS flare- up is nothing short if being in the ring with Mean Joe Green and no I am not the winner. My last flare-up was brought on because of a surgery I had and knew it would undoubtedly throw me into a flare- up. Well I'm sitting her waiting for the 3rd day of my infusion and I know about the after taste, the fatigue, the insomnia and the shakes. They will come it runs my B/P ridiculously high so when I have to have an infusion let them know this is not your first rodeo. Be proactive in your treatment and let them know it hurts, it feels bad, the IV site is painful all f that. I hate taking the steroids as well but when I complete the regimen I can finally get on with my life!!! Cause that's what we have to do fight until the next flare-up . I have gone over a year plus without steroids so I am thankful for only having to take it as often as I have. Be blessed in your endeavors nt always a god trip but sometimes necessary!!!!
—Guest Mississippi Ms


I've had ten 1000mg solumedrol iv treatments in 4 months. I learned quickly to ask the nurse to warm the solumedrol and use equal parts of iv fluid to drip over 2 or 2.5 hours. There is no pain involved and the iv fluids help to keep you hydrated. Of course all the other ancillary side effects come, headache, metallic taste, joint pain, blurry vision, sleeplessness, etc. I can't tell if any of these treatments are doing what they are suppose to do. I guess we shall see in April when my MRI's are re-done. MS is such a mysterious disease, it is best to take the drugs and hope they prevent future permanent disability. I am on daily injections of Copaxone as well. I can't tell if it is working but again MRI will paint the picture. Take care all and stay positive if you can.


I just got diagnosed with MS 3 weeks ago, and received 500mg twice a day for five days. It knocked my symptoms down, but has created my ability to obtain a good erection, i'm hoping this only a temporary set back. My wife is very understanding, but it creates stress which isn't good!
—Guest Travis


I just got diagnosed with MS 3 weeks ago, and received 500mg twice a day for five days. It knocked my symptoms down, but has created my ability to obtain a good erection, i'm hoping this only a temporary set back. My wife is very understanding, but it creates stress which isn't good!
—Guest Travis


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I have had ms for almost 11 years. Avonex shots once a week. sol-u-medrol every 10 weeks for my eyes. You need four days to recuperate but then things are good. Positive attitude is a big plus
—Guest Barb


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solu -medrol

I have a Solu-Medrol infusion each 6 weeks at the local hospital. I have had MS over 40 years and it is just the last two years that my m.s. has gone past the annoying to the awful i.e. leakage of bowl and bladder. Also balance severity. I find that appx. 10 days before my next infusion these 'nastys' start up again. I cope with the infusions and some side effects because at age 74 now my options are very few. I set aside one week of giving myself permission to be a lump and watching t.v. and laying down whenever I need to. so far it's working for me. I wish all of us relief from pain in way that helps us to keep on keeping on! pj
—Guest pj
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