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Readers Respond: What is your secret for coping with Solu-Medrol treatment and side effects?

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Updated November 24, 2008

Help us all out here. What are some of the things that you do to make your Solu-Medrol "journey" a little easier? Whether it is a science-based approach for feeling better during a course of steroids or a little personal ritual that takes away the stress, it could help someone facing treatment. Share your experiences and get some new ideas to try out from people who have "been there" and "done that." Share Your Tip


I have done solumedrol, so many times thru my 23 yrs with M.S. , this time my Dr. Put me on a ten day intramuscular shot of Acthar, no side effects, no help yet either, But it did cost my insurance co. $56,000 , ! Never heard of it b4, Dr. said it's been out for 30 yrs. Take my last shot tonight. Then I will Just be back to Bata Seron. We will see.
—Guest bay22deb

Solu-Medral tip

I found that anything GRAPE (candy, popsicle or juice) helped releave the metalic taste alot quicker!!!
—Guest Julie

10 Yr MS-er

I have been having SM treatments since I was 23- probably over 30 or 40. Switched to Tysabri a year ago and have only had 2 since (currently on a SM treatment now for swallowing and choking problems.) Tips: Ask for a rx for Prilosec (Omneprazole) and take before each infusion. Continue to take a week or two after- the steroids stay in your system. Tip: REFUSE THE ORALS. Your body will survive a crash of steroids. Personally I did not handle the orals well- tried different kinds but final straw was after "destressing" on my condo's rooftop Lounge. I calmly told my mother I shld go downstairs bc I wanted to jump off. Eventually I learned I was the patient and in charge. I NEVER noticed a difference in tapering w/ orals vs not. TIP: Not all flares, new/worsening symptoms require SM. Consider how impacts quality of life. If minor, let it go & save steroids for worse issue. TIP: Do not drive. TIP: Get rx for Ambien & buy Melatonin over the counter. TIP: Buy heated blanket for side efx aches
—Guest MMM

Solumedrol side effects after one week

Hi, I hope you can help me! I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto encephalopathy , they started me with 5 days of 1 grm solumedrol infusions. After the 3 day I was so sick I couldn't even wake up. Now once a month, 1 grm IV. After a week of my infusion I started feeling awful, very depressed and bad anxiety. Nausea and headache is making it the worst. I am so desperate and worry because doctors say tha solumedrol is not doing this after two weeks. Can anybody help me??
—Guest Ani

Solu medrol

I really admire everyone who has MS and needs solumedrol iv infusions, I just had that done for optic neuritis and I have never felt worse in my life!! The dizziness, weakness and shortness of breath are horrible, also bradycardia has been another side effect for me. All I can say for those who need this treatment often, is have you family members and support system read this forums in order to be able to understand what you go through and how strong you are. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
—Guest Ana

RN with MS

wesr a pad for a couple of days. I had to pee every hour. i did the infusion at home but drug company nurse had to come every other day to put a new IV site in as it infiltrated
—Guest Anita

No major problems here!

I just finished day 3 of Solu-Medrol IV and have only experienced the "bad aftertaste" for a couple of hours each day and 1 night of heartburn. I feel the best I have in 8 months and am feeling good about everything, overall. Hang in there everyone! I hope you can all find the best treatment for you.
—Guest Mel B.

Just a quick question

Back in 1999 I had optic in my right eye do the same thing you. if you would like to know more you can email me meyerville53@gmail.com it did go away but it took a long time. All I could see what black, it was very scary and I still have some problems now. I don't like bright lights it really effects my eye.

NO side effects!

so as not to scare everyone reading these posts, I've had the Solu-medrol drip twice and felt NOTHING! I had it at nite the first time and slept like a baby. No bad tastes, nothing. Everyone is different, so please don't be scared needlessly :)
—Guest Crystal

Stay Strong..and Positive no matter what

I will be 29 in 5 months diagnosed just 2 months before my 21st birthday the start of my 4th year of College. Initially I hated everything the first 1 1/2 were so difficult. I was on solu-medrol treatments every four months. Until I changed Treatment. It really was managing what treatment I would be on for the "rest" of my life. I would sincerely like to say..stay positive.attitude is everything...trust me I KNOW it is so hard to change your thinking..people start to treat you different. its not always visible so you wish people knew but really dont have time to tell the world. I have been in remission for 3 1/2 years until this week. Its not a full Flare.you will learn to tell right away but it does stink w Solu-medrol/Prednisone tapper. Stay positive. Doing research for a healthier you. Dont eat alot of salt, if your fatigued close your eyes/mediate..if the dizzies get to you. Listen to music, talk to a friend, its no joke thats for sure. STAY POSITIVE MY FRIENDS! Others understand
—Guest CBella

Tip for during IV treatments

Just finished 5 days of solu-medrol and wanted to share 5 tips that helped a lot: 1) Talk to friends and family-- let them have a "job" during this time when they, too, feel very helpless; 2) Coconut Water! Tastes good and hydrates you a lot- plus it has a ton of Potassium which the Steroids deplete; 3) Take time off of work if you can-- I spent 4 hours a day going to and from the clinic but the rest of the time reading, writing and doing long-ignored errands- felt good! 4) Taking an extra day off after- I'm going to the spa and then date night with my guy before I head back to my routine; 5) Plan some games or reading and lots of treats and comfy things for during the infusion-- it felt less scary and more like some quality relaxation time. Hope this helps!
—Guest Bird

I dont think I can take it...

Taking for servere bronchitis, had two iv's of it now a dose pack. Haven't even finished my first day dosage I've taken 4 of 6 for today and my depression and anxiety is peaking pretty bad. I just started pms too and I'm hypothyroid. I heard magnesium helps, which I take anyways for stress and muscles. But I don't think I can continue this medication I feel really bad and am concerned for myself.
—Guest jennsawinner

not any more

I have tried this a number of times. Each time the side effects are worse, the number of days was reduced to 3, but even then I ended up not sleeping for 24 hourse, feeling like I had gone for a jog while lying immobile and taking some time to get over the shock to the system. I was told that it doesn't reduce the long term damage, just brings resolution faster. I may reconsider if I am rendered immobile, but so far my issues have been not quite as drastic.
—Guest abunny


Never in my wildest dreams did i think anything like this would happen to me. I am allergic to sulfur my doctor gave SOL-MEDROL I.V.PUSH FOR SIX DAYS IN THE HOSPITAL AND A WEEK P.O at home. from larger dose to small. NOW, I have the shakes,sweats,chest pain,joint pain and drug induced psycosois. I am shaky as i am typing this. i am still coughing and sob. I feel sicker than before. I think I have myself a law suit. I have cursed everyone out for any little thing.I feel totally out of control. This is a nightmare. Cost me another addmition to the hospital. I am changing doctors asap.What a f up mess.
—Guest Lois Fontenot


I am starting Solu-Medrol 5 day treatment today. I have been on Tysabri 4 years but a recent leg problem led to 5 day treatment. I also have chronic Bacterial infections from Tysabri... My doctor knows all about the infections & I'm on supressive therapy for that. Now I'm worried about SM & what new ugliness will rear up!!
—Guest Jax

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