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Readers Respond: What is your secret for coping with Solu-Medrol treatment and side effects?

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Updated November 24, 2008

Emotional wreck/but worth it

When I had my 2nd relapse I begged my Dr not to use it. Big mistake. The damage was worse than expected. And my supplier wanted us to refridgerate and use the same IV tube for 5 days. Told them NO and they sent more tubing-the cheapest part of it all! I LOVED everything & everybody when I was on it. When I was coming off of it I had to make a few apologies! Btw, food was very bland (so no weight gain) and I had Xanax so I wasn't real nervous. I just made phone calls every day to people to chat.. starting from the East coast to the West coast! And I don't normally like to talk on the phone. Wonderful & understanding friends!!!

be careful

I had one shot of solumedrol for allergy problems and went into aneplexogy (SPELL)shock so can never have any steroids. So if you have reaction to medications Be careful
—Guest mary

The sun is still shining!

I have MS for a little over a year. I took Solumedrol for 5 days. Within the first minute I tasted a metallic taste. I also felt lethargic, tired, and lost my appetite. After day 3 we tested my blood levels which were normal so we completed the series. I found it helpful to use sugar free hard candy and eat bananas for the potassium. Now is not the time to go on a diet; just eat a healthy diet. I loss most of my hair 3 months later and 30 pounds due to loss of appetite. There are not many alternatives so I will try solu-medrol again under close supervision using prilosec and maybe something to relax you. I ended up going to the emergency room on the 6th day. P.S. I love my new wig. God bless everyone. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; --Reinhold Niebuhr

No taper

My doctor said I didn't need to taper off with prednisone if I didn't want to. I recovers much more quickly!


I've recently had a 3 day course of solu-medrol after an episode effected my left leg and foot. After crashing burning like most of you, I thankfully came good. That is all but my regular toilet visits. Has anyone had this as a problem after taking solu-medrol? Thanks
—Guest Di

Recent infusion

I just read the tips about Solu-Medrol reducing immunes ability to fight infection. They had me in a room with a woman with pneumonia for four days and administered 3000mg Solu-medrol. Yes I did get sick and still fighting this ...I drank a case of Chicken Broth and over counter expectorant...trying to avoid anti-biotics...still fighting but feel will win this one. SO YES please avoid infections.

Hate the drug and the weight!!

I'm sorry, but I am happy to hear I'm not alone with this weight crap!!! I hate the drug, I was on solumedrol balls, no lie, 4 times last year! 1 time for a week, 2 times for 3 days and 1 time for 5 days! I have Aggressive Relapse Remitting MS. I'm a bitch and depressed on the drug, I feel sick and I gained 20 lbs in a year! I'm still small and I could have afforded some extra weight, but not 20 lbs! AND IT WON"T COME OFF!!!! Will it ever?
—Guest Melinda

All Nighters

MS and Solumedrol- sour candy, deep breathing, and thinking twice before opening your mouth and I say the last one with love. You will fine that you become irritated and wide awake after your infussion. I normally stay awake between 48 and 60 hours. Get a lot done, but I pay for it dearly and so do those around me. I am as my name says All Twiggs I am 5'6 and weigh 95 pounds. No I didn't gain weigh on solumedrol as I had hoped. Nor did it slow down the relapes as much as my doc wanted as now I am to begin Tysabri soon. But it did get me out of my wheelchair for awhile, so that counts for something. I have Devic's and Solu-Medrol will not help this form of MS. Hang in there and Think Good Thoughts All Twiggs

bacterial yeast infections

Has anyone experienced having a bacterial yeast infection after an infusion? Obviously, this question does not relate to men. I have had one every time I have had one and was wondering if anyone else has. I thought is it was a normal yeast infection until I went to my GYN. She put me on an antibiotic which took care of it. Just curious.
—Guest red head

Solumedrol first 3 day infusion starting

I am starting the infusion in the morning, kinda nervous, not sure what to expect.
—Guest Sammibrae

here we go again

Solumedrol treatments don't make me agitated or anxious. I do become flushed, I sweat, and have insomnia from it. I do not, however, taper with oral steroids anymore. Dec was the last time I will ever take oral steroids again. To say that I was definitely not myself is an understatement---- I was more like a raving lunatic. While I was tapering, the steroids changed my personality,I hated everything, and I couldn't concentrate. I did not like myself and I was absolutely horrible to be around. Until I was over the side-effects, I tried to stay by myself, but what can you do when you can't escape yourself. lol So today, I once again have to have Solumedril for another MS exacerbation, only this time with no tapering. I can handle that. :) Good luck everyone

Solumederol, bleck

I was just recently diagnosed with MS this week. My neuro put me on a 5 day, 1000mg IV infusion of Solumederol. The first 3 days I felt excellent, ON TOP OF THE WORLD feeling, I work in the hospital, so I just wheeled around my iv pole with me when I worked for the first 3 days! The next 2 days, I felt terrible, I am so lucky I was off these days because there is NO way I could have worked! I cant breath very well, fast irregular beating of the heart, mood swings, weight gain... although I will not set foot on the scale so I cant tell you how much. Insomnia. I dont know if I ever want to go on this drip again. Tomorrow I begin my taper, I really hope this goes better than the solumederol. I started Atkins Diet last week and I really think that this way of eating has helped me not gain as much as I would have. I have gained back I'm sure the 6 pounds that I did lose.. **sigh** at any rate, I plan on sticking with Low carb/sodium eating to get this extra fluff off of me.
—Guest JP

I feel horrible

I started treatment for CIDP. The first week was 1000 mg a day, now one day a week I have 1000 mg a day, for 5 treatments. It makes me feel exhausted, nauseous, panic attacks, severe stomach pain the 2nd day with shortness of breath. My vision seems to be worsening, and I just cannot tell that it is making a difference otherwise. Is this normal????? I felt bad before, now I just feel plain horrible.

Lemon drops

that metallic taste julie mentioned seems to be the most annoying side effect. its hard to describe why nothing tastes good so i dont want to eat or drink. they best way i had described it was those big rubber bands that sorta smell, you know the ones im talking about right? well imagine chewing on thos and the taste that it would leave in your mouth. a nurse at my very first infusion told me that lemon drops or candy had seemed to help one of her other patients. in over 4 years of being diagnosed with the MonSter lol thats some of the most helpful advice ive gotten!
—Guest msgirl26


diagnosed 2009 seems to have exacerbations all the time so I have been doing the solumedrol shuffle for awhile noe- usually 3 days at a time. But it is so wierd every single time like clock work a few days after I finish I end up with pylonephritis (sp?) it has to be connected...i have had solumedrol about 7 times and everytime this kidney infection has followed within days of stopping. I currently stopped on Fr of last week and here it is 7 days later and I am doubled over in excrutiating pain - most likely will be making a visit to the e.tr over the weekend. any one else have anything like this? also, this time after my round of steroids, I had about 15-20 red welts pop up on my thigh and leg, they have been there a week? wtf?

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