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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

We all have a story about the multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms that resulted in our diagnosis. Share yours here and learn about the experiences of others.


I worked 2 yrs 2 months 14 or more hrs a day, whilst struggling through a terribly painful divorce and settlement. THEN began the tingling in one leg, with paralysis, and over a 5 wk perion i had had this, alternating between one leg, the other leg, both legs and finally half of my head. I went to hospital and was told return while symptoms are on. Since I was almost incapable of thought while the symptoms were present, i waited for a leg to beging one Saturday am, and drove myself to hospital. After waiting two hours, symptoms were gone again, so went back to work. Finally told my GP, who made appt with Neurologist and I had some scans, which clearly showed deterioration of brain cells in patches. He questioned me about past symptomes as I was 69 yrs old, and I denied having any before the leg thing started. He said well, maybe get some Linsoleic Acid, it may help a little Now I am remembering all sorts of symptoms.
—Guest Clancette Clift


MS is not currently trats of doctors as feeling of being foggy and doped
—Guest Guest Kar

ms maybe,frustrating i know

I was suspected of having ms but because symptoms don't include complete muscle loss and spinal tap results it s still inconclusive. Shine will describe you as a hypercondriac,stay away from those idiots.you know when you re body isnt right.you can't imagine lessions. I also have heart problem so i can see why it would seem weird to others. All we can do is go with the flow and be grateful it s not cancer
—Guest sam


Started seeing symptoms are ms a couple months after a hep b vaccine. I've heard the linked the two together. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. I felt the best I've felt in years before the vaccine. First I started out with fatigue. Then came the blurred vision and severe headaches that occompanied it. A couple months later I developed tingling and tightness in my hands and feet and joint pain. Also had chest pains and kidney pain. Haven't been diagnosed yet but I'm pretty sure what I'm dealing with now.
—Guest Tyler

all symptoms just gettin worse

I have all over body numbness major in my face I was hospilized due to severe vomiting I lost almost 30 lbs in less than 5 mths I am a very sm women 2 begin with so when I was admitted I only weight 72 lbs keep tryin 2 force myself 2 eat just keep vomiting no drugs other than ciggerettes & caffeine 6 days in the hospital & lots of tests they told me they didn't know what was worng & just sent me home everything that im feeling all points 2 ms just wish someone would have the balls 2 figure it out I have major potassium loss numbness in my whole body very unstable on a cane ect blury vision & sparatic shooting pain in many diff parts of my body also bad adema 4 about 2 wks after getting out of the hospital but no im fine cant find anything so frustrating don't know what 2 do next just typing this my hands r numb & painful & also blury vision anyone that can shead some light that would b great thankx
—Guest leanne

I'm a none stop pain

I'm 22, I was diagnosis end this time last year with MS. They did a history as there are 6 other relatives in both sides of my family who have this. One including my father. They say I've had this since the age if 13 but was misdiagnosised due to the young age. I was a normal working student very active. When I noticed server coldness a numbness in both feet. I ended up seeing my GP and he referred me to be seen. As I was waiting I ended up going to A&E twice as my symptoms was becoming worse tingling in my hands and the numbness rose up my leg. Since then I was hospitalised for nearly 4 months lost all sensation to walk I now am in a chair. I experience so many sensations on a daily basis. It's pretty frustrating. I ache so badly in my groin hip area. And get alot of stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I've trailed so many medications. I also go for regular treatment tysabri. Which has helped me significantly. MS is such a weird autoimmune disease I'm still trying to get to grips it
—Guest Keeley_xx


It's been 26 years since I had an excruciating pain hit the back lower left of my head that knocked me out for a long time. When I came to, my left side was paralyzed and I had speech issues. No diagnosis. I have every symptom of MS without the brain lesions on MRI. I do have white spots all over my brain but radiologist thought not important to mention in report to neurologist. Neurologist did not look at pictures and focused on migraine instead of MS or Fibromyalgia. I have had only 5 years of no symptoms and now they are back with even more!
—Guest Karen

Possible MS 2 years no answers

I have had muscle pain weakness twitching eye pain tinnitus. Have had 4 MRI's Emg's NCS's etc. Blood work. Still no answers No leg feels numb ankle numbness right side fingers go numb a little too. How long did it take to get diagnosis???
—Guest Cynthia


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—Guest iooutreo


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—Guest iooutreo


I believe its heavy metals knocking our thyroid and needed hormones to be in balance - off balance from poison food, poison air, water bla bla ect.. Suggested book by Kathryn R Simpson titled The MS Solution"
—Guest gypsyflyer


Hi i have been suffering since 2007 im still waiting for some answers im in cronic pain i have all the simmtoms of ms ive got pain in my ribs and numbness in my toes and its all down my let side i am so fed up its getting me down i suffer from deppresion to the doctors fobe you off i have sine several and not one could give me an answer i am waiting to see a pain specialist which i have sine before.
—Guest debbie


hello, check the Swank diet for autoimmune deceases, it works but it's strict at first when you're used to junk food and all that "normal" stuff...
—Guest Eva


right leg feet swalling is the symptoms of kidney problem, I m uncntrol diabetic patient. My creating is 1.9 and my urine albumin is 47, Is it kidney deasease, My e mail address is nitusarma91@yahoo.in I am waiting for ur reply in my mail
—Guest nitu


right leg feet swalling is the symptoms of kidney problem, I m uncntrol diabetic patient. My creating is 1.9 and my urine albumin is 47, Is it kidney deasease, My e mail address is nitusarma91@yahoo.in I am waiting for ur reply in my mail
—Guest nitu

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