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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

We all have a story about the multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms that resulted in our diagnosis. Share yours here and learn about the experiences of others. Share with Others


if sometimes go numb in my face could that be ms. My hands get clamy and i feel shakey.sometimes my hands go none and feet
—Guest suec138@yahoo.com

I have shocks numbness siffness

I had one sister who has ms then I a sis and bro I never knew and my new sis is blind from it and now I have 5 cousins who have been diagnoised with ms....both kinds...so I have a big chance that that is what I have....so sad
—Guest sheryl

16 & frustrated

Hi im 16 & i started to have symptoms when I was 15. I was told I have mono & strep at the same time, but also my iron was low so I was considered anemic. My iron kept gettinf lower and lower until the point where I was taking 650mg a day. 3 months later my legs startes to go numb, so clumsy, hair loss, nail break, extreme fatigue, weight loss etc etc. what is wrong? I went to an endocrinologist who sent me to a hematologist who sent me to a neurologist. Im on my third neurologist. 6 mris, all fine, nerve test, fine, waiting on my spinal tap nd more bloodwork. What is wrong with me? I cant even play soccer I also have extreme forgetfulness. No doctor knows ehats wrong
—Guest Kay

Any advice appreciated

Hi, 12 months ago my left eye started to twich, slowly the left side of my face became worse and the whole side spasms and has slight loss of sensation, the left side of my mouth has dropped and sometimes I dribble. I get titinus in my left ear and like a change in pressure - like going in an aeroplane. Cluster migraines. Pain in my hands, starting in my left hand, like muscle cramps but both hands effected. Pain in my second toe on the left side. I sometimes fall over for no reason and I'm forgetful and confused at times. I had a basic MRI in Jan that came back clear, eye test normal and nerve tests of hands ruled out carpal tunnel. I'm having Botox injections around the left eye which helps with the twitching and makes my face on a whole feel more comfortable. I'm not due to see my general neurologist till Nov and they want to send me for a contrast MRI at some point before then. I find it really frustrating that a whole year on I'm no closer to a diagnosis any ideas?


I have read all posts here, and do not see any mentioning of a mri of the thoracic spine or spinal taps.. these tests will undoubtedly identify MS..symptoms are collections of responses similar to these. While they are symptoms of MS, they are also symptoms of 1000's of other less severe illnesses. I speak positivity over your situations. To those who say "Im sure I have it..." you should never speak something other yourself, which has not been confirmed by something more intelligent than a few internet searches..I sincerely wish you all the best in your journey and hope peace finds you well..
—Guest Guest

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—Guest Mary

20 years of no diagnosis - finally MS

My initial onslaught came when daughter was 3 months and I was partially paralyzed one half of my body - not the right tests done and called crazy/depressed. 20 years later seen about severe carpel tunnel - it wasn't, it was "possible/probable MS." Took another 2-3 years when it went into a nasty downward progression to finally get diagnosis and on meds that were helping. Now MonSter is progressing again and trying to figure out what to try next in terms of meds to slow it down once more. Currently fighting vertigo, arms feeling like 100 lbs. a piece, and weak legs along with the typical everyday stuff of fatique and trouble staying focused/on-task! All I can say, if your neurologist isn't listening of doing what you think needs to be done, find another!! Open to talking to anyone!
—Guest Cathy

feel pain in arms @ leg like be shocked.

I feel this feel all throw my body some times so bad I hardly can stand any one to even touch me and hard to walk ,sit lay down or anything wondering if anyone eles gets theses feelings
—Guest debby gauna

First Symptoms

My wifes first symptoms was optic neuritis that was..... 31 years ago, back with predisone was the prescribed medicine. RRMS , did really well for 26 years then 5 years ago, last exacerbation, was put on Copaxone, an now also Amyra. Last MRI no new lesions. I suspect she has moved to SPMS. MRI diagnosed MS along with Spinal Puncture. Too All live each day the most postive you can.
—Guest Joe 4 Wife

for brin infection

Sir last 7 year my left leg are not working,7year ago i suffering from brain infection pls tell me any medison or exercise
—Guest rajkumar

Please try marine phytoplankton

I have had a lot of the symptoms mentioned here and gotten the all-clear from doctors. However, the symptoms still continue but I started taking marine phytoplankton (the liquid form - please Google for the best brand to use). My symptoms haven't gotten worse but improved and disappeared for days sometimes. I also find all the symptoms return as soon as I take any sugar. God bless and protect you all. Try phytoplankton and see if it helps any of you. It's supposed to have all the nutrients the body needs to heal itself.
—Guest Kate

blind in 1 eye

i was diagnosed with m.s 19 years ago after waking up one morning blind in my right eye. i went to my doctor who didnt have a clue so he sent me to the hospital.after numerous tests that night he said it was some kind od sclerosis.... after a lumber punture and an M.R.I scan they confirmed it was m.s.
—Guest rick

Still waiting

I had numbness in my hands in 2005 and was told it was ulna nerve damage. After an ulna nerve release operation ( didn't work) I started getting numbness all over. I was diagnosed with idiopathic hyposomnia (fatigue or narcolepsy ) I had brain scans showing lesions but was told that no diagnosis till I lost weight (at the time I was 26stone) I started losing weight in 2008 and since then I have fallen over more times than I care to remember and broke several ribs. I had numbness in my face one Friday my face dropped and I was slurring my speech and my pupils were small and not dilating. My doctor thought that it was a mini stroke but after all the tests I was told it wasn't (much to my relief as my mum had a massive cerable haemorrhage at 47 I'm 46) however he found demilination and urgently requested I see a neurologist. As you do it online I have chosen a different hospital and doctor and hopefully I can get the proper diagnosis. ( I haven't listed all my symptoms there's many more)
—Guest Myfivekids7

Trigeminal neuralgia (cont'd)

After 3 wks continueous right face pain along my gums, top and bottom, it went away. Prescribed Gapapentin taking 1 when needed. Had a head MRI & told it was normal. 1 yr later, I have a slew of symptoms to where I have walking and mobility issues. After researching trigeminal neurolgia, have come to believe I have MS & have for yrs, for I have 18 of the 19 symptoms. Have the referral to a Neurologist in 2 days. Getting ready, I am putting together a list of all the symptoms and their timeframe. It's weird because some of the pain comes and goes. It might last for months, but when it goes away, another new pain starts. Now, I have numbing hands and feet, edema, pain in lower/upper back, neck, all muscles and joints from the waist down, add the face pain. Blood test show loss of kidney function for 2 yrs. While working I get hot, sweat, nausea, and have to lay down to compose myself. After working 3 hrs, it's all I can do to walk to my car, get home & lay down. Will post updates.
—Guest Ethel (57)

Trigeminal neuralgia

I woke one Saturday morning to the worse pain I have ever experienced in the right side of my face. It felt like a butcher knife was stabbing me in the jaw... I thought it was a toothache. The pain lasted the entire weekend 24/7. I saw my Dentist on Monday and. They thought maybe I needed a crown for a heavily filled tooth, so they prepped the tooth, ordered the crown, and placed a temporary crown on it. The pain continued, went back to the Dentist and they readjusted the tempory crown. The pain continued and I aked for pain pills, which I had to fight them to get. The medicine; a heavy narcotic didn't help. After 9 days of severe pain 24/7, without food and sleep, I returned to the Dentist, who made a referral to a specialist. Meanwhile, I thought they had caused it and I went to a 2nd dentist who couldn't find anything wrong, put a different temp crown on and referred me to the same specialist. The specialist recommended a Neurologist. I was in shock.
—Guest Ethel (57)

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Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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