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Readers Respond: Which Symptom Led to Your MS Diagnosis?

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Updated December 04, 2008

Stay Positive

I am currently waiting to be diagnosed with something ... possibly MS. I'm truly praying for a miracle and hoping that all of this will be something minor and that it will just go away. However, it doesn't appear that I will be that lucky. My first symptoms were tingling and numbness in my hands and legs in early 2011. Since February, I have had the same symptoms along with heat sensitivity, headaches around the eyes, tightness in my neck, frequent urination (not fun!) and much more. I am so worried and and I cry a lot. My MRI is Thursday and I am hoping for answers. Whatever my diagnoses, I'm going to stay positive and make the most out of my life. This is scary, but it isn't the worst thing that can happen. Hang in there everyone! We will get through this.
—Guest Jessica

Facial numbness

Was dx after strange pain in my neck and a severe headache led to facial numbness and weakness in my arm on same side. Was firstly dx with migraine, then Bells palsy. 6 months later after an episode of optic neuritis dx by my optician, a ct scan and mri finally got ms dx.
—Guest Nigldr


Im 22 yr old female. Ive played sports my whole life but when I was younger I used to hit my head alot. Now I get pain in my legs, feet arms neck hands and cold tingly feet and hands like they are asleep. I can barely grasp objects wout them just dropping. I trip alot. I get migranes and I get horrible charlie horses. my lumbar spine area hurts terribly along with my legs shoulders and arms. It feels as though Ive showered in icy/hot. No pain meds has worked. The drs only tell me that its normal bc I played sports. BUT It gets worse every couple months. my eyes get foggy and now I have a stutter sometimes. Im at a dead end because NO dr believes me when I tell them my symptoms. I know its not my muscles..I know how it feels. If ANYONE could help give me some advice or ANY ideas PLEASE. My mom is a trauma nurse says it sounds like a nerve disorder in my brain. I too work in the medical field and know the differences in pains. I feel like my arms and legs are being twisted & pulled. HELP
—Guest Shannen

ms diagnosis

i was 23 years old and working on my computer at work and all of a sudden i had tunnel vision. i could only see a small pin size view of everything. i freaked out and my co workers call 911. they rushed me to the hospital and tried to put an iv in my arm and all my veins had collapsed. i was shaking all over like a seizure. i could hear all of them talk but i could not speak. they had no idea what was wrong with me. i stayed in er for about 12 hours and i was getting my eye sight back and i could speak again. they all looked at me like i was insane. they sent me home and the nightmare really began. i knew something was seriously wrong. went to several drs. with so many different diagnosis. they even sent to a counselor they were thinking stress was causing all of this. yes the more this went on stress did become an issue with panic attacks, fatigue, and depression. i had to leave my job due to the vertigo and vision problems. i was diagnosed at 40. bitter sweet.
—Guest cindy

Restless leg Syndrome , NO - MS!

My first symptom was supposedly RLS. BUt it stopped at night. This was 3 years ago. Then one day I woke up & my whole left side was numb, stumbling like a drunk, optic neuritis, strange sensations on my left forearm, cant tell if its burning or freezing. Spinal lesions, brain lesions, bands in spinal fluid. I should have gotten a second opinion for the doctor who wanted to treat my RLS which was really the start of MS. I have not seen alot of info on this but it got to the point where the crawling sensation was so bad I had to leave work some days, and could not sit still.
—Guest Lisa

Optic Neuritis

Started with a headache behind my left eye that over approx. a week left me with no vision in that eye. Classic indicator from what I'm told.
—Guest scott

sick of being sick part 2

i really don't think i have fibromyalgia though and if i do i think there are other issues as well cause when i was reading about fibromyalgia on the internet they mention they with fibromyalgia there are usually other auto immunes diseases too suck as lupus and MS....i had a blood test done for lupus recently and am awaiting the results but i REALLY wants to get a MRI done and i ask my doc could he order one but he said he don't think i really needs one...like what the heck someone with severe headaches,blurred vision and dizziness ......does not need a MRI!!!!!!I truly believe that i have MS and i would like to get a diaganosis soon so i can get treated and get some relief over 35 yrs of being sick....sick of being sick is truly an understantment 4 me!!!!

sick of being sick!!!!!

i am a 35 yr old female and i have been sick everysince i can remember...it started when i was about 5 with reoccuring urine infections which i am still havin to this day....then i had real sensitive skin when i was about 8 and use to break out in rashes..doc said i was allergic to denim...then when i was about 12 i devolped asthma and excema...then at 13 i started having menstrual cycle issues and was disagnosis with endometriosis...then at about 15 i had a big spot come out on my forehead doc said i was allergic to the sun...around the same age i was havin real bad rib pains then lower back pains....then when i was 21 and pregnant for my first child i had severe dizzines and fainting which i still have to this day...doc said it was low blood....no i have ALOT of pain in my joints especially my hips and knees and i have shock sensensations going through my body worse at night..and really bad pains in my legs and chest and head....docs diagnosis me with fibromyalgia ....

optic "Issues"loss of vision left eye

Lost vision in eye and had headache..Eye Dr. examined me ..not in you eye you need a MRI. Came back as MS,I had noticed years before a problem with left leg would fall every time I try to ski..never a problem before..was told had MS for 10 yrs but officially diagnosed 3 yrs. ago.On Beta-serion ..very tired and hair thinning!
—Guest trisha m


Just found this website!!! Saw a neurologist yester 10.12.2011. Unsure of my diagnosis however after reading this I have all the symptoms of MS. Onset of Headache, drooping and runny watery eye, fatigue, suddenly hungry, anexity from it just really scared please someone respond
—Guest Tammie

Spinal tab Ergebnis

Hallo mein spinal tap war positiv,das mrt war aber fein.Habe oefter gribbeln,schwindel,schmerzen,taubgefuehl.Kann das positive Ergebnis auch etwas anderes sein?Zu wieviel % hat mann denn beim pos. spinal tab ergebnis MS? Ich habe solche Angst

Still no dx

Looking back, I have had many vague symptoms for years-headaches, fatigue, occas. All over pain including facial pain- also have had seizures for years and memory problems which I attributed to the seizures, but on 4/17/11 I woke up walking funny and very weak, 2 days later noticed tingling on left side of my face and in my left fingers. In the er a ct scan showed a tumor/ lesion in my thalamus- verified by a MRI. After 1 unsuccessful biopsy the second biopsy showed inflammation and demyelination.surgeon said it was ms but my neurologist says no because ms doesn't come on acutely( I guess he's thinking about my walking) and there is only 1 lesion and my lumbar puncture was normal. My mri's of the spine showed disk problems but no lesions. I also have extreme fatigue now, ms hug- SEVERE at times left sided numbness, feels like I'm carrying extra 100 pounds on top of me at times,dizziness,memory problems- saw 2 other neuros- they just want to wait and repeat tests- easy for them!
—Guest Laurie

Have no clue...

Ok, long history.... back in 2004 I had an accident involving my Right knee. had a torn ligament and a small tear in my meniscus. developed a DVT and then found out I had a clotting problem ( protein S deficiency) Had the repair surgery in 2008. Today what continues is I get swelling in my foot and calf with occasional discoloration. I have had repeated ultrasounds for a clot with them being negative.... new today, I went to get up out of bed this morning and I fell because i had no feeling in my leg/foot. No indications of tingling that would suggest it fell asleep. Just plain felt like i was paralyzed. once up moving around I'm ok. foot still somewhat swollen since August. I did a lot of walking over the weekend, bit this is the first time this has happened. I'm at a loss as to why. I have had Lyme tests which are negative, Lupus is negative.
—Guest Darleen


Hi! This is my first time ever that I have wrote down how I feel. 10 years of muscle fasisculations all over my body with NO let up. Was diagnosed with benign fasiculations syndrome (not convinced) 6 months ago started feeling unwell, discovered my b12 was lower than average but no action was needed. But it's all down hill from then on. I now have weekness in both my legs and arms, my legs shake as I walk down the stairs or when I try to balance on one leg. I have a numb patch of skin the length of my left thigh which suddenly appeared, 4 months later is now itching, painful, with electric shocks feelings running through it (nerve damage?) and on top of all this, I have a slightly inflamed optic nerve! I have plenty of other symptoms like pins and needles and sensations I can not describe. My doctors are dragging there heals which is frustrating as my husband is infertile, and we have finally found a donor!!! Scared to go ahead with ivf while feeling unwell. Do you all think ms? THANKS
—Guest Mandi

symptoms before diagnosis?

Hi everyone- I'm curious about everyones earliest symptoms, especially ones that may not be recognized as MS. I am a 29 year old female. I've had migraines since I was a teen, pars planitis for abt 6-8 years, chronic gastritis, chronic eustacian dysfunction, and just this summer have noticed a lack of tolerance to heat compared to normal. I have also had mild neuropathy in the tops of my feet for 9 years now. Any insight? Thanks!
—Guest Jen

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