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Readers Respond: What has been the most painful part of MS for you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

Extreme pain in feet

Diagnosed about 2 months ago. Tried walking around to shop and go store to store but the pain in my feet is so bad. Feels like bones will burst thru my skin. 3 advil, double doses of neurotin, doesn't even help. I am so frustrated!!!!!!!
—Guest Jacy

help i cant walk

I have been dealing with pain in both my legs and down to my feet. My left hand goes numb. But my right forearm also goes numb and tingles... I can barely walk holding on to walls and its been really hard over the past wk going up and downstaries. I havent been diagnosed with anything yet. But MS does run in my family. Can someone anyone please help me and lead me to what I shall do......Thank you...
—Guest Can barely walk

MS, is a sickness from HELL.

MS at the beginning....was not that terrible although when I started to need a wheelchair as I couldn't walk no more....it started to annoye me. But the PAIN is now making me cry like a baby . My husband says to me that I should be on pills for depression !!! I told him that if something would kick his a... every minutes, he wouldn't be able to stand it either ! I am not depressed , it is the PAIN. Evene Oxycontin cannot reduce pain. It takes a few hours to do something...My doctor says....WHAT ? Like she doesn't believe me ! I have changed beds so many times ! This morning, when I got up...my two legs were in pain , so much pain I was crying. Hard to describe. Then....my arms and hand hurts and it seems it is worst when I am lying down. My husbands is asking me why am I moving around so much. I wish he had this sickness for a whole month ! He could then understand.... I went to Germany to get this Zamboni treatment...NOTHING came out of this procedure lllll
—Guest Louise

Pain others can't see or understand

I'm a nurse & pain mgmt specialist w/parasthetic MS since '87. My 1st doc warned me re: no caffeine, getting overheated - inc. showers, hot tubs etc. or getting over-tired. Thanks 2 him I'm pretty stable. The pain's horrible- like being bbq'd alive!. Nobody can see it & I don't act like I'm suffering so it's been hard to get decent pain relief w/o going into a big act. MOST drs & nurses have ZERO idea of how to treat pain. If a doc won't help, FIRE 'em & find 1 who DOES. Ask other pts & nurses who's best. I had 2 go thru 3 pain mgmt docs b4 I found 1 who understood pain. I'm on methadone now(which has NO 'high' & stops other drugs from getting u zoned) & Percocet. Most drugs don't work 4 me. Even morphine takes high doses (30mgs) to help. WARNING! If u had steroid treatments 4 MS get ur adrenals tested! [ACTH studies] Many MS 'symptoms' [weakness, confusion, fatigue] r caused by adrenal failure from not being taken down slowly enough after IV steroids! U need endocrinology 2 fix this

MS not good at all

I've had MS since 2001 I was paralyze from the right side arm and leg I stood in a hospital for 8 month they gave me predizone and avonex I was climbing wall with the medication the side affect was bad i was in bed for three day I'm was always tired my vision is blurry im always in pain I get relapses once or twice every two month it's been 11 years and I still don't believe it I say to my self why me but that how it is it could hit any body from the age 25 to 55 just like it hit me at the age of 35 or 34 I also forget things we have leaguer in our brain and the MS eat them little by little we can only think positive and go forward go out if you can and enjoy your self cause people that stay paralyze from this so I say enjoy life with out turning to the acohol and with out drugs it's ok to drink on weekends but don't drink everyday cause its not going to help I go out once in a while and I enjoy myself I know some of with M S can't go out we all in denial go forward peace and love
—Guest Rene

sounds familar

I just turned 47 and feel 95 and ready for nothing. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia two years ago and chronic migraines. Nevertheless, I am curious if I have been misdiagnosed, instead MS, I say this because my cousins had MS and the symptoms you explain are ones I share and my two sisters who also have Fibromyalgia do not experience all of my symptoms such as unexplained red hot face, chills all over rest of body, sweat durgert sleep o point I eel dried, fatiision, slight musjudgements of space navigation and minor gate issues s, sores in mouth, pain at base of neck, horrible headaches, muscle fatigue. And major cognitive decline, loss of short term memory and long term memories as well. Major depression and inconsistent body weight, currently twenty over...
—Guest m from pdx or

lost of balance in right hand,leg, body

right hand,leg burning, itching in both legs,lost of balance durning walking,my right hand 70% not working propley, and my age is 57 years and i am dibaties suffring from diabaties &cholestrole.
—Guest samia


I'm 37 a mother of 4. A single mom at that. I started having my first signs of MS at 21. So all these years until about 5 months ago. I did my best to work everyday to support my children. But I would hurt a lot on the job and wouldn't remember things. And people just started to look at me as though I was lazy. I was always a very outgoing person. So if I guess it this point I'm confused At least my brain is I don't understand how I have some good days and then I have some horrible days. My whole life I took care of people with disabilities. I never knew that I would have 1 myself. I pray a lot and I believe in God. And this disease seems so horrible I never could understand why good things happen to bad people. And bad things happen to good people. There's no 1 around me who understands what I'm going through. I used to be happy all the time But now I look in the mirror and don't even recognize myself. It seems as though the medicine that they had me on make me have really bad mood sw
—Guest natarsha Henderson

Testing for MS

Not dx yet! Going for neuro assessment soon..Symptoms for 20yrs, told it was flu, fibro, depression!! Think depression is understandable if Dr's brush you off or treat you like a hypochondriac. Latest symptoms started quickly after a week of night shifts.. Blurry foggy vision, numbness, burning pains, unable to get up or downstairs cept on my backside, weakness in limbs, awful pain in hip and knee etc.. A sense of humour helps me and my daughter, even when she calls me the incontinent momma bear because i have to pee numerous times before we exit the house. Yesterday tho, i cried in front of her because she had to help me get out the shower. I looked after my father for years when i was no more than a kid myself and i won't inflict that on her
—Guest louie47


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—Guest D3 gold

ms ...

i have learnt to cope with ms since i was diagnosed in 2007 when i was 16 i cant walk as much i use a wheelchair for long distance and a walking frame for indoors im exercising on my bike but every now and then i get a cold shooting through my leg up to my head its discomftorble but i cant manage it since i dont know what it is if anyone knows what it is please tell me and those people out there with ms never give up and those you find it difficult to walk you can walk again because we are not paralysed we used to walk and run before our diagnosis keep your hope and never give up
—Guest sez

Not diagnosed

I have the same symptoms as everyone of y'all and have had them for at least 15 years. Why has no one said, "this is what you have" ? Are they waiting for me to tell them what it is? I am in pain everyday without fail. I don't think there is a part of my body that doesn't hurt at sometime or another. Right now, it's my right hip, right shoulder, left shin, left knee, and right knee. My feet fall asleep while I'm walking and I've fallen quite a bit. My left leg is numb from the knee down. Both of my hands are numb when I applaud someone. I am tired all the time. I have headaches out of this world; usually cluster headaches. My eyes constantly bother me.
—Guest Laura


hello...reading these posts made me remember the time i was literally paralized because of MS so I finally found the solutions that have put me back on my feet: please.read about The Ms recovery diet and also STOP torturing your body with other drugs...try to see a doctor that applies the treatment with bee venin..
—Guest Ms solutions

Have Faith

MS pain has no words of explanation!!! Right now the rightside of my brain feel like its gonna EXPLODE from the migraine,and my Arms,Legs,Thighs,and Lower Back ache soooo....bad I just really wanna remove them and get more body parts,but that is not possible I know.Pain meds Hydrocodone dont do Sh...t!! So I just continue to PRAY and soak n the Bath Tub with Dr.Teals Epsom Salt Bubble Bath(Sleep). What I really wish is that I can stay in the Tub all day like have a Body Tub like a body suit!!! Im so serious cuz that is the only time I feel no pain is when im in the Bath tub.. All the MS aka Magnificent and Special GOD BLESS U ALL!!
—Guest FaithinJesus30

I'm scared

I was diagnosed with fms but my symptoms are progressing my neck.is stiff & my entire body hurts to the point that it actually hurts to breath i have severe headaches nothing helps the pain & the meds they gave me only makes the fatigue worst I'm starting to feel sick and weak & all i can think about is my 4 children
—Guest Teya

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