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Readers Respond: What has been the most painful part of MS for you?

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Updated March 19, 2009


I have had pain in my lower leg for a consecutive 3 years now. I have extreme fatigue and depression. Lately, I have become even more depressed after leaving a job and not being able to find another after trying to fight a disability claim and being limited more to things I cannot do, and being denied had thrown me into a whirlwind of feelings of worthlessness.
—Guest Kel

carol s.

Life changes. Pain throughout body. Constant falling.
—Guest carol s.


In my youth I would have hot baths and would blackout.fainted when it got to hot inside stores etc.Thought I was stupid in school because I had poor memory and ADD..Depressed most of my life.Back pain increased over the years and exhaustion/fatigue grew worse in my 30 s.I always had bad colds and felt like something wasn't right.The last 4 years dragged myself through my very physically demanding job.My body was heavy and fingers and toes became numb.throbbing/ burning legs and noise/heat intolerance.Developed raynaud's last year and more headaches.Last year I had an attack which made my vision blurry,vertigo,nausea and my gait was off,legs would go out periodically.Second attack this winter.Blurred visions,felt stoned,not much memory,severely depressed,brain fog,cognitive problems,major fatigue,bladder problems and the previous symptoms.Wanted to cut my head off the pain was so bad.Extremly depressed.Waiting to a see neurologist .Dont give up and research/read ,vitamin D and Cannibis
—Guest Silver

MS patient

This the first article that truly gets to the heart of the matter.
—Guest Helene

sholder and arm pain

I was diagnosed with MS 3 month ago..I have pretty much constant pain in my shoulders and arms..it limits my movement and activity but my neurologist says it is not due to the MS..I migh want to see an orthopedic DR....really..Is this normal!??
—Guest Lisa


mine's a doozie...started with a brain hemorrhage while out of the country... Shortly upon my return I suffered a massive watershed stroke that affected 7 areas ,leaving me with the result of 7 strokes throughout the right frontal lobe,leaving me paralyzed on the right side arm and leg...I had to learn to walk, talk read ,write ,actually learn my colors despite a crim prognosis ,I made a remarkable recovery,although continued havi strokes.These took me from Florida to Johns Hopkins Hos? following the most comprehensive physical.,I was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive Multiple Quadra-Paresis ( meaningall4limbs would eventually be rendered paralyzed.and finally given 3years to live That was seven years ago and on Nov,13th,12 I suffered yet another stroke. This time hitting the left side of the brain,paralyzingly the left arm/legIt's been 6months leg/arm starting to come around last big stroke took 18months...what I've learned through all this is DOCTORS ALL "PRACTICE" medicine.....
—Guest Cory

my story

I have just been diagnosed with possible ms. My CT scan and MRI show signs and I have so many text book symptoms. I'm getting a spinal tap on Thursday. I'm kind of scared. Can someone tell me what to expect.
—Guest tavmsf


i have been suffering with migraines flashing lights for four years tightining ankles like i cant walk for year went away now having problems wioth hands and fingers going numb keep coming back to ms symptoms driving me crazy not been diagnosed with this and fed up with nobody beleiving me help
—Guest jason

Leg pain when sittin

Yes, I do have leg pain when sitting. There are multiple knots in the back of my legs, so when I sit on them incredible pain hits. Goes up my buttocks to my lower back. But the thin pain is the worse.
—Guest Penny

In very extreme pain

Hi everyone I am glenda. I have had been diagosed with multiple sclerosis since jan 2010... I havd been in pain constantly and its getting quite annoying.. Im curently on predisone steroid treatment it seems lile whatever you take doesnt work... I have pain up and down my legs into my knees but also my arms... I experience alot of headaches... Also I expereince joint pain... I just dont know what to do anymore... I have tingling burning pains unbearable everywhere and I get no relief some one help me out does anyone expereince these symptoms...
—Guest Ms Glenda Chambers

Depression and Anxiety

Before I was diagnosed I felt a burning and aching in my legs that was so bad I thought I had DVT and was terrified of having a stroke. It spread through my chest and arms and my hands felt so swollen I thought they would burst. But that is nothing compared to how I have changed emotionally. I am not the same person I was when the symptoms started to appear about a year ago. I am constantly paranoid about my health. I have lost interest in my studies and lost contact with friends. I feel like a failure and a burden on my partner (who is wonderful and supportive of me despite my glumness). I don't want to be like this and it isn't good for my health either.
—Guest Michelle

MS Pains

http://mymshero.com/about-me/ This a link to my blog, I am the wife of an MS patient with SEVERE pains. We believe we have found the right treatment, after trying it all for years. All the best to all who suffers
—Guest elizabeth Melly


I said yes my legs hurt all the time and a constant feel of pins and needles and my eye lids twitch and my pinky finger as well. she said honey my concern is i think you have ms and she sent me to a specialist its the way she seem so concerrned tht scares me .said i had a bad optic nerve ?
—Guest christyzscared

please ..opinion

I am 23 i went to the eye drr days ago and test after test.. and explaining to her how i would shut my eyes open them and felt like someone wrapped a gray scarf oveer my eyes and doubled vision.pain with moving my eyes And with light and ongoing blurrinesss she looked at me aaskedme if my body ever goes numb tingles or hurts really bad and i
—Guest christyzscared

MS Pain

Im 21 have no lesions on my brain but had optic neuritis twice so there are on my optic nerves, also spine. Oligoclonal banding, all those criteria are met. I get these sharp pains in my head, down my spine. They don't last more than 10 or so seconds but they make me jump. The most painful part of MS would probably be the fatigue. I struggle to get through a single day of university. My emotions would, however, also tie first place. Personality has completely changed. Constantly tired and confused. Heat makes my sight blurry and stinging sensation in my feet worse. Everyone says how great I look but I feel so awful that it's almost an insult. I try exercising daily, drink plenty water, eat healthily and have a positive outlook. But I have to vent now and then. Painkillers don't help. Can hardly sleep. Any other young people? Males? Quite uncommon I heard, so no one gets it around me in person.
—Guest J

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