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Readers Respond: How much does numbness and tingling bother you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

Numbness never leaves

been numb in legs and feet for 2+ years, It never leaves, I have a space heater under my desk and get blisters on my legs cause I cant feel them, any advice? I can still hit a golfball 300 yards tho... mplc5@yahoo.com
—Guest mark

Numbness, Tingling in both legs

I was told in 2007 that i have MS..I will never forget that day bc everyday since then I wake up with numbness, and tingling in both legs..feels like ants are crawling up and down. I have been living with this for 4 years so far and everyday is the same. We tried numerous meds to try to control it, but the Neuro is saying maybe it will resolve itself. Maybe this is the only deficit you will experience. It is not easy, but I try hard everyday to forget about it. I continue on with my daily life, bc i have a "BUCKET LIST" that I want to accomplish before I die. I find myself praying alot for help in getting thru this. Thanks for taking the time in reading this!
—Guest jessup383

Numbness - Tingling - MS Hug

I was diag Feb 2010. I have had, from my lower rib cage down to my toes, numbness and tingling. My Neurologist and Primary Dr told me I had a mild case of RR-MS. It has been over 2 years and there is no change. I have gotten used to the strange feelings that I get through out my body. The Hug gets me around my rib cage and then travels down around my hips. I was waiting for this to stop and go into remission. I think I am lucky, I can still work full time and drive. So if this is the best, so be it.
—Guest Patti


I have had numbness in my legs for 3 years, So bad that I get burned from a spaceheater under my desk. That is the only symptom I have and they say I have MS. I am taking LDN which helps a little but still searching for some other cure. Any advice??? mplc5@yahoo.com
—Guest Mark

the sensation of creepy crawly

it is torture to feel like you have bugs in your head and back and the pain shooting up and down my head, back, arms and legs, It is not easy to carry out daily functions when your body hurts all day and your emotionally unable to be normal because your head is foggy all day..i have spinal stenosis and herniated discs, MS, spinal degenertive disease, and fybromyalgia Its been 3 years and i cant do it anymore...
—Guest Rosemarie

Numbness and Tingling w MS

I have numbness and tingling in legs, feet, and hands worse than ever now. Sometimes feel like I am going to lose the use of my feet or leg, or BOTH! Yes it is annoyning, and sometimes painful. I walk I have went looking for my slipper I left someones else and walking with the other one on. Hope this helped! I take Clonazapam for my RLS at night too. mary
—Guest mary

Feet Hurt so bad I don't know if it is

Burning Tingling or Numb, it is hard to describe but I found the more I concentrate on it the worst it gets, find something to occupy your mind on other than your condition. Take Vit D in large doses, ask your nero and take asprins to relieve the inflammation. My eyes also I have problems with, went to the eye doctor and was told I had 20/20 vision, can you believe this??? It is frustrating but we have to try and do things to help ourselves and pass the natural things you do that help- onto the next person. We are not doctors and we are not trying to be, but we must try to do things in a systematic way that will help our condition, the doctors are doing the best under the circumstances, if you don't have this illness it is hard to focus in on the one thing that triggers the relapes. I don't feel well today the weather is cold outside and it is affecting my eyes can you believe this?
—Guest MeMe

Burning and Tingling

I have been experiencing issues with burning and tingling sensations in the left arm and hand. I also have burning and numbness in the middle of my neck and back. I feel like I am going nuts. I have been complaining about this for a while now. I first notice the pain starting in my elbow and it had now reached those other areas. I have now been scheduled to have testing done. I pray that the Dr's can figure out what is going on with me so I don't seem crazy...the Dr suspects that I may have MS located in the area :-( ?
—Guest Dawn

Tingling, burning, numbness

for the past 4 years I have had a tingling, numbness and burning sensation on my finger tips and the palm of my hand. Does anyone know what this might be? My hands feel so strange.
—Guest Diana

New to MS

I have been having facial numbness for about a month now all on my right side. I catch my self drooling and I always feel like my nose is running even though it isn't. the tingly sensation drives me crazy especially in my nose. I can also feel in when i brush my teeth. I had another episode months ago, my right side was really numb and just irritated. I felt like my feet were burning up and my legs were asleep. I just found out today that i have MS. Im only 20 years old. I don't know what to expect, but I'm praying things work out for me as well as the rest of you.
—Guest YaYa

Not sure plz help

I am not sure if what I am experiencing is an attack so if what I describe sounds familiar please respond. cheeks, scalp, hands and feet really have a feeling of having thin gloves on. Sometimes extremely itchy or tingling. This feeling is worse in parts of my body at different times with no explaination. I can still feel everything it just feels very strange. Hard to explain. I can move normally and it is not really painful but extremely annoying and scary. I have been told by Dr. that I have lesions on my brain but not enough to say for sure its MS. They suspect enough to say I needed to take the drugs but when I said no I wanted to go natural first. Not so sure after that. I wont go back to do another MRI because I dont want to know i think. If this sounds familiar please write and let me know I am not nuts... dbottineau@live.com
—Guest Donna


Im going for my first mri as doc suspects rr-ms i have had numb toes on and off for years but now right lower leg is numb i have small muscle spasams constantly and my hands shake when i do small things eg pick up a coin. I keep feeling really itchy when i get hot and am having trouble remembering and thinking clearly. if i have ms i just hope this is as servere my symptoms will be, they are irritating little things that for years iv ignored but a title some how makes me frightened. my husband said something that made me feel better so i thought id put it hear maybe it will work for you? "none of us know what our future has in store, i didnt fret over what ifs before and i shouldnt worry about what may never happen". It makes me think im no different to him...we all just hope nothing bad will happen and enjoy life each day just incase it does.
—Guest tess

whole left side jolts,pain,numbness etc

Hello Everyone,I need help in explaining my condition,severe Jolts feet to head wl left side and my lip shifted plus til now my l finger i get jolts up to my arm,I had 7 disc petrusion in past re-broke pelvis and have seisures...everyday to take a shower i just about colasped i don't know why and i can't bare my pain on top of chronic pain and crn -fibromyalgia.....it drives me nuts with this jolts of pain and my heart races..help please
—Guest Roberta


I was diagnosed in 1986, and have had the worst relapse these last two years and I am on Tysrbi now. Have been for 5 treatments now. Still falling major numbness in legs and feet taking gabapentin 900 mg. Not working at all. Seeing neuro in Jan to talk about it. Not sure where to go now.


I went through a surgery and got a attack .This what my doctor told and with an MRI approving that it is a attack she have started giving me solumentrol. However my leg is better than before but the bottom of my leg I still feel Numbness. Can anyone say me how long will this take????
—Guest Fathma Saif
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