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Readers Respond: How much does numbness and tingling bother you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

Pins & Needles/Numbness

I have had MS for about 4 years, i was only 25 at the time. I have about 3 relapses a year with doses and doses of methylprednisolone (steroids) in hospital for 3 days at a time. This year i have only had one other attack/relapse other than the one im having now. This one started about 3 weeks ago and is driving me insane....i just want it to go away. So far i have had 3 days of treatment last week and no improvement it has only got worse and now im struggling to walk. Its just horrible feeling. I have no sick leave left at work and can't drive my car. I started another 3 day treatment today so im praying this works. im so frustrated... i just want to be normal. I have just read about the Kalawala pills you can get.... has anyone else tried them? I'm getting desperate as the neuro and my gp seem to think this could hang around for months. (not that they really care i don't think i seem more like a hassle more than anything, they don't seem to want to take much interest).

I have had tingling for 9 years

My numbness and tingling is what took me to the doc in the first place and it has not gotten better/ never goes away
—Guest Nancy


just noticed within the last 2 days a numbness from the knee down in my rt. lg. Hoped it would go away with a good night sleep. Didnt. I have no health insurance. I am now concerned about M S Any feedback regaurding this issue would be appriciated
—Guest Ella

Pins and Needles

I've had MS going on 23 years. Pins & needles & numbness has been a transient symptom for me over the years. Face, arms/hands/fingers/torso and now feet/calves. I am going on almost 6 months with the numbness & tingling in my right foot & calf. Now my left foot/toes are starting to have the same sensation. Along with spasticity, my walking is not good. I've tried a 3 day course of Solu-Medrol (didn't do anything) and now I take a one day once a month HIGH dose of steroids orally (the equivalent of one day of SoluMedrol). Nothing is working and I just want this episode to subside like the others did. But, neuro said it might never go away and is characteristic of SPMS. Any thoughts? I've read of patients who live with this for a year and then it goes away.


i have just recently been dignois with ms could not take betersaron now doin infusion of tysarbri? can ms make some of your fingers numb? thank u
—Guest linda

numbness/tingling a pain in the butt

I have had ms 4yrs this year and more recently is annoyed with the numbness/tingling of feet & legs (both). My only relief is rest and just don`t think about it.
—Guest marita


I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago. I have had numbness and tingling in my legs and feet (sometimes better/sometimes worse) for that whole time. Now it has also moved up and is there from the waist down. The top of my legs and butt are really bad and driving me crazy. Any hints on relief.

tingling and numbness

For the past two years, my left arm and leg have become weaker and i get tingling and pain in my leg and wrist. My CT came back fine, still waiting to see neurologist, my left leg shakes when i stand up or when i walk....i'm scared...i know its not in my head because i can feel it...the heaviness is so off-putting.... any suggestions please???
—Guest kate

Pain numbness

Hi I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 7 years now but I can't help wonder if theres something more going on with me. Had lower back problems. I suffer with fatigue and pain but in the last year i've been having dizzy spells and bad falls. i've broken both my hands due to this. Got extreme numbness and pain in my feet where i cant bear to stand or walk. I've had foot problem like this off and on but has becomed ongoing.I cant drive anymore its gotton that bad. My vit D is very low. I have wondered if this could be m/s?
—Guest Jo

to guest sandy i hope you read this

i have a needle phobia, i have to take a lot of xanax each friday before my avonex, i cant do it myself, my best friend does it and sometimes my husband does it, i cant even see the needle or i completely lose it. if you discuss this with your nuerologist i am sure they will give you something to help deal with the needles. the benefit of taking the MS meds is much greater than the risk of taking anxiety meds. the ABC meds (for MS) can keep you walking longer, being able to do stuff with your kids longer, and keeping your memories longer. that needle buys you time! thats priceless. i know its hard, believe me! i hope you read this and discuss other options with your doc. if you really cant do it, there will be an oral option available eventually, i just hope you can wait that long. if you read this and need some moral support email me at just.my.junk@live.com and i will give you my "non-junk" email address. i hope i helped, i hope you come back to read this!
—Guest sheli28

hope this helps

hi, i was diagnosed with MS 6months ago, (it probably started at least 4 years ago) i also have psoriatic arthritis (auto immune disease) i just read that fatigue and temperature affect the numbness/ tingling, so i took a xanax to reduce my stress level and it is helping the numbness go down (whole hand and wrist, and top of foot) and yet i am typing! i am forcing myself to use my hand and doing little stretching excercises, this combo seems to be helping, but not making it go away completely. i suggesting lowering stress, get to a comfortable temp, and try a little physical therapy mentally the numb/tingle makes me panic, i feel "under attack" and think "great, what damage is being done and what ability am i going to lose now?" which makes the symptom get worse, because stress makes you more sick when you have MS.
—Guest sheli

a pain

it is a pain to deal with all this stuff if not one thing-it is something else - that organic shop might be a idea- like they said what i got to lose- money- i am looking it up!!
—Guest faye

Thank God it is not just me!

WOW...reading this stuff really helps. I was diagnosed about a month or so ago. My feet and legs vibrate. I was numb from the waste down but prednisone took it down to my feet and left knee cap. I am on anxiety pills so now I can sleep and just started Avonex. I am going to try something someone on here said back pain med...1/4 pill and Kallawala (avail on organichope.com) that claims to replenishes the sheath on our nerves, they claim it helped them. What the heck do I have to loose besides more money?
—Guest grizbaby


I have numbness on 2 fingers and wrist on my left hand, my feet,and just above my left knee. I like my feet and hands manicured regularly and it can be so uncomfortable, at least for my feet. Also, when I go walking, with the first mile both legs are tingling, sometimes I can push through it but there have times where I've had to lay down. Oh, I mentioned this to my doctor and all he says is that "this is just another symptom of MS."
—Guest lawandasan


I have had MS for nearly 4 years. I am a very upbeat person and a single mother of a daughter who is turning 6 in May. The numbness and tingling is in my right foot and leg. I did notice today that I have a burning in my lower back. I am still waiting for an appointment with my neurologist. It is so frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it or live with it?
—Guest Noreen
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