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Readers Respond: How much does numbness and tingling bother you?

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Updated March 19, 2009

left knee down to my toes

My left leg from knee to my toes its constanly numb and weak, weather am sitting or standing.
—Guest lulu

Treatment for Neurophy Pain

Trying using hot Parfan Wax melted in a wax maching for your hands and feet. I do get some relief.
—Guest Kraules

Treatment for Neurophy Pain

Trying using hot Parfan Wax melted in a wax maching for your hands and feet. I do get some relief.
—Guest Kraules


Developed vertigo in December 2012. Was taken to the ER and sent to follow up with Neuro doc. He prescribed steroids and meclizine. Thought labrynthitis since I had recently recovered from pnemonia. Took the meds for two weeks and fealt much better, but the vertigo didn't go away completely. Had been experiencing numbness in arms, hands, feet, legs and back off an on and not all at the same time for about two years. Didn't mention it to the neuro cause I thought it was from my hypothyroidism, and although bothersome, I didn't think anything of it. Until a couple weeks ago when the numbness started happening every night in all of those areas at the same time. Mentioned it on my followup, so now have an MRI scheduled and a nerve test. My sister has MS. So, I understand my chances of being diagnosed are higher. Still on steroids and meclizine for the vertigo, but noticing the numbness isn't as bad now, meaning, Im not waking up to all of my parts numb. Told me he is very concerned.
—Guest anon

numbness of fingers,and feet burning

I live in Milwaukee it's been severely cold, my fingers had started numbing up just before January. My burning to the feet like there's a lighter burning under them that systom was in the beginning
—Guest maria

numbness in lower legs, muscle pain

Excessive walking, bending of legs, extreme heat, stairs up or down, lead to numbess and tingling in lower legs. Stretching helps, sitting too long makes the legs go numb quickly. Standing after sitting too long causes legs to become unsteady. Have fibromialgia, osterarthritis, displaced patellas on both knees. Too many things falling apart.
—Guest sue


I am having a relapse most likely due to the recent death of my Mother. I am having numbness (paresthesia) from both thighs down to about 5 inches below my knees. It really bothers me because I had knee replacements and the cartilage is poping. So the numbness is a constant reminder that my legs might get worse and causes me to worry and fret a bunch.

numbness and tingling

I was diagnosed with MS in May this year, and my right hand still numb and tingling, it feels with cramps and swollen, it bathers a lot. although Im getting used to the pain, it is very uncomfortable. Im using Gabapentin since May but it havent do anything yet.
—Guest berenice

Test negative

About 7 months ago, the lfs of my face, arm, and leg had numbness. Ive had the lp, results negative. Is there still a possiblity of ms?
—Guest Andrea

How numbness/tingling bother you?

I experience N/T everyday all day and night. The intensity is the only factor that changes. I would say that this effects my ADL'S 99.9%
—Guest hope_charity_grace@yahoo.com


I had a surgery around 5 years ago in Rochester,mn. my middle part of my bodys waist line and a few inches below. My spine was squeezing my spinal cord .The Doctor cut the front side of the 4,5,6,7 which he called the knapkin bones. Was a major surgery .Woke up in i.c.u. with a tube stuck down my throat , could`nt even move my feet or body Was there for 5 weeks and still could not walk normal , left there wit a wobble and a cane in both hands . When i got home had to take therapy 3 times a week if i remember right , any ays was still with 2 canes . I was an owner operator truck . Only had one month of theray and took off in my truck still useing 2 canes . Was thinking to my selfs if i will ever walk normal again . I mainly hauled for Polaris . Was required by the dealer to get in the back of trailer and hook chain u to pull the machines out . Was unable to even get u ther told the guys i just had a surgery not long ago so asked if would be light on me and they do it .About the only
—Guest bobby




I have vibrating in my left foot and sometimes up my peg- it is almost every day -all day- and my eyes, - it is very hard to focus some days. I was diagnosed with MS when I had optic neuritis and now it seems like everyday i have yet one more symptom- some days I think i just cannot get out of the bed-
—Guest Carle

Functional electrical stimulation for dr

Functional electrical stimulation for drop foot of central neurological origin Drop foot is the inability to lift the foot and toes when walking. It can result from conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. Functional electrical stimulation involves stimulation of the peripheral nerves that supply the paralysed muscle using electrodes that may be implanted or placed on the surface of the skin. The aim is to restore muscular function. The XFT-2001 Foot Drop System is a single channel, tilt or foot sensor switch controlled neuromuscular stimulator designed to correct dropped foot. Self adhesive skin electrodes are placed on the side of the leg over a nerve called the common peroneal.
—Guest AA


I have a lump on my ankle, on the tendon that cueass aches and sometimes stiffness.The doc said it was a Ganglion and the pins and needles sensation is from it leaning on a nerve at times.Mine said try and live with it, maybe a rub might help?Good luck, know how you feel
—Guest sZBounnlz

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