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Readers Respond: Do you think a certain diet can help slow MS?

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Updated August 12, 2009

MS Diet

I had started on the MS recovery diet by eliminating EVERYTHING and slowly reintroducing myself to these foods that eliminated. To this day I do not eat any red meats, gluten, or wheat and I limit myself on dairy products. I feel much better than I did 8 months ago( when I first started this diet). I have been diagnosed with MS Jan 2008 and am on copaxone.
—Guest Mary

Food can help

I have been eating gluten free, dairy free, less beans, less spices and sour food since last 5 and half years. I also found that my MS progression is less and thus I am preventing relapses. Diet is very important. Also if I eat very late before going to sleep, it makes it very difficult for me to get a good sleep. I generally find it very difficult to sleep at night and I wonder, if anybody can guild me for what to do.
—Guest Jagu Gibson

Diet for MS

I am very thin, under weight. I ahve a had time gaining weight. I don't count carbs, or anything else. I try to eat healthy though. What kind of diet is teh "Best/" I have been diagnosed for 11 years and slowing doen on refined sugars has helped and I do concentrate on proteins, iron and vitamin B's.
—Guest Sherri

No gluten or dairy!

I have followed something similar called the MS Recovery Diet. It calls for elimination of legumes, dairy, eggs, gluten and sugar. It says that these might not all be triggers. I've found that if I avoid gluten and dairy and limit egg consumption that my symptoms are greatly reduced. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and I feel much better today than when I was diagnosed. I am also taking Rebif.
—Guest Wilson

Diet for MS?

I don't know that diet has anything to do with my MS or that science has proven such. I follow a lower carb style which I started before I knew I had MS, and I feel better in general.I probably eat little gluten as a result, but it isn't a priority. Low carb life style helps keep my weight down. I have less cravings. I take a fair amount of supplements, because I have eliminated or decreased some necessary vits. from my diet. For example, I don't drink OJ (or consume a lot of Vit. C) b/c it has higher carb. count. I do eat lo carb fruit now and then.;I don't drink milk but I do take 1/2 n' 1/2 with my coffee and a fair amt. of vit. D3.I eat the lower carb "DreamFields pasta" which I LOVE and meets my carb desires as well as LO Carb ice cream as needed. I eat eggs & some fat (butter,mayo) b/c these have low or zero carbs. I eat much less than I used to. I'm not consumed with food and eating like I used to be. I aim an average of 60 net carbs daily.I keep cheating down to a minimum.
—Guest itasara

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Do you think a certain diet can help slow MS?

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