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Help, Aids and Resources for People with Multiple Sclerosis

There are countless resources available to help people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Learn about social support services, organizations, mobility aids and books and publications designed to give you information and make your life with MS easier.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The MS Society is one of the largest resources available to people living with multiple sclerosis. The MS Society has a range of social, medical and other resources available to people living with MS. Perhaps more importantly, the MS Society is the primary mechanism for fundraising to support programs and research in multiple sclerosis. Read this review of the MS Society and give your own opinion too.

Montel Williams covers a lot of ground in his book, Climbing Higher.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis by Allen C Bowling
Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis by Allen C. Bowling is an excellent book covering all aspects of unconventional approaches used by people with MS.

Book Review
Strong at the Broken Places: Voices of Illness, A Chorus of Hope by Richard M. Cohen is a compelling account of five people with different chronic illnesses. The book provides insight into different chronic illnesses and methods of coping, while discussing both physical and psychological ramifications of chronic illnesses.

Book Review
In her memoir, Notes from a Minor Key, Dawn Bailiff examines her life as a concert pianist, wife and mother whose career is cut short by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Review of Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis
Jeffrey Gingold's book, Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, is an emotional and well-written account of life with one of the most common symptoms of MS -- cognitive dysfunction. In telling his story, Gingold gives honest and practical advice about dealing with the frustrations of this "invisible" symptom of MS.

Book Review
Review of MS and Your Feelings: Handling the Ups and Downs of Multiple Sclerosis by Allison Shadday, LCSW. This is the first book to deal exclusively with the emotional impact of MS.

Top 10 Organizations for Multiple Sclerosis Support
Finding the information and support for <a href="http://ms.about.com/od/multiplesclerosis101/a/ms_intro.htm">multiple sclerosis</a> can be difficult. There are several organizations that can help you find accurate and useful resources for dealing with MS. Some of these organizations have local chapters, support groups and events to help you connect with other people with MS. Other organizations are more focused on <a href="http://ms.about.com/od/newsresearch/Multiple_Sclerosis_Breakthroughs_News_and_Research.htm">research and medical news</a>. Become familiar with these organizations and the resources available to you.

Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Products
<a href="http://ms.about.com/od/signssymptoms/a/ms_symptoms.htm">Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms</a> become worse when the body’s temperature increases – even half of a degree is enough to start feeling worse. By cooling the body, many people experience relief from their MS symptoms. Cooling products can also help people with MS be more active through exercise and outdoor activities. Finding products to help cool you down can be difficult, but there are several options. Check out some of these sites to find the best product for your individual needs.

Get a Handicapped Parking Placard
Many people with multiple sclerosis could benefit from using a handicapped parking placard. Even if you are ambulatory, consider getting a tag if you suffer from heat intolerance or fatigue.

Clinical Trials Database
The Clinical Trials Database is a website run by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that lists clinical trials for a variety of different conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS). Visit the site to search for a trial for yourself or just to see the kind of research that is happening in the MS world.

ABLEDATA: Resource for MS Disability
ABLEDATA is an organization that provides information about assistive technologies. ABLEDATA has a free online database of over 34,000 products and services to assist people living with disabilities. ABLEDATA is sponsored by the US Department of Education.

Balance Dogs for Multiple Sclerosis
Many people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) have difficulty moving from place to place due to numbness in their legs, which results in feelings of instability and a lack of balance. MS-related fatigue can also cause MS patients to fall, feel unbalanced or have difficulty walking. While canes and other aids can help, one of the most exciting new developments is the use of balance dogs for people living with MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Products
MS cooling products can help reduce the severity of multiple sclerosis symptoms. Heat can cause MS symptoms to worsen. These cooling products may help you to be more active and tolerate heat better.

Organizations for Multiple Sclerosis Support
There are a number of organizations to assist someone with MS in finding information and support. From multiple sclerosis foundations and non-profit organization to federal agencies, there are many organizations that can answer your questions, provide assistance and connect you with other people with MS.

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