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Interferons for MS disappoint. How are you coping?
Jul 24, 2012 ... No doubt most of you have heard the news of the study published in JAMA that indicates that interferons (Betaseron, Rebif and Avonex) do not ...
Interferons for MS Do NOT Cause Cancer - Multiple Sclerosis
May 3, 2011 ... Well, there is good news for those people on interferons (Rebif, Avonex and Betaseron). A European study examined data from a pooled global ...
Neutralizing Antibodies and Multiple Sclerosis - Interferons and ...
Jan 26, 2012 ... In multiple sclerosis (MS), neutralizing antibodies are often produced by the immune system in response to interferon-based treatments for MS, ...
Interferons - Interferon Fact Sheet - Hepatitis C Medications - AIDS/HIV
Mar 8, 2014 ... Interferons are used to treat hepatitis c. This interferon fact sheet provides you with the important information needed when taking the ...
What You Need to Know About Avonex - MS Treatment
Jun 16, 2014 ... Avonex (Interferon beta-1a) provides the lowest dose of all the interferons ( 30mcg/week, while Rebif is 44mcg 3 times/week). There is some ...
Interferon - alpha - Hepatitis C - Hepatitis Medications - AIDS/HIV
Mar 8, 2014 ... An easy to understand Interferon - alpha fact sheet.
Copaxone Still an Option for Many - Multiple Sclerosis - About.com
Apr 19, 2010 ... Interferon beta-based medications work very well for some people, keeping relapses at bay and (presumably) delaying disability. However, the ...
Rebif - Multiple Sclerosis - About.com
May 22, 2014 ... Safety: Rebif has a comparable safety record to the other interferon-based drugs, which are considered safe for long-term use, as long as ...
Medications that can Trigger or Worsen Psoriasis - About.com
Jun 30, 2008 ... Interferons: As the name implies, these type of drugs interfere with a process, in this case the reproduction of viruses. Interferons are often used ...
Interferon - Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment With Interferon
Jan 29, 2013 ... Learn more about interferon-alfa2b, the only approved drug for the adjuvant (post -surgery) treatment of patients with high-risk melanoma in ...
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