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Hot Feet Anyone?


Updated June 05, 2014

I was lying in bed the other night almost whimpering with the pain that I was in, when I cheered myself up with the thoughts of bringing my question to other people with MS and seeing if I was the only one experiencing this weird phenomenon.

On certain nights in warmer seasons, my feet feel like they are on fire. This is different from the parasthesias that I usually feel during the day, which is more of a buzzy tingling in my feet. The burning sensation that I am referring to here really feels like walking on hot pavement barefoot. When I touch my feet with my hands, they may feel slightly warmer than usual, but that could be my imagination, as my brain tries to make sense of this horrible sensation.

I can feel better if I stick them out of the covers for awhile or stand on cold tile (learned this from a friend with diabetes as a way to battle peripheral neuropathy), but as soon as they are under even a light sheet, the sensation of intense heat comes back.

Strangely, I have never felt this burning feeling during the day or even at nighttime if I am laying on the sofa watching television or talking to my husband, even if I have on heavy socks or a blanket. I can also pretty easily make the pain fade into the background a little by reading in bed, but as soon as I put my book down to go to sleep, it is back - and I am awake.

Am I the only one this is happening to? Does anyone else ever have this sensation? Under what circumstances? Have you ever mentioned it to your doctor? Do you have any suggestions on making it go away or at least dealing with it? Thank you in advance - please share your stories in the comment section below and help at least one pair of suffering feet feel less alone.

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